Manual or Electric: Which Toothbrush Is Better

You might face a dilemma in choosing between an electric toothbrush and a manual toothbrush. Here are five factors to consider before choosing one.

Written by: Varun Verma Updated at: 2022-12-01 18:06

When it comes to choosing the right toothbrush, many fall into a dilemma between choosing manual or electric toothbrushes. When you ask your friends or family, you will get different answers depending on personal preference; only adding more confusion. Here are five factors you should consider before choosing between an electric and manual toothbrush.

What Is An Electric Toothbrush?

Unlike your manual toothbrush, the bristles of an electric toothbrush vibrate or rotate, helping in removing bacteria, plaque, and food particles. 


Electric toothbrushes, as their vibrations permit micro-movement on the teeth, are considered to be more effective in removing plaque as compared to manual toothbrushes. A 2014 study found that electric toothbrushes are able to reduce plaque and gingivitis more than manual toothbrushes in the short and long term. However, this does not mean that your regular toothbrushes are of no use.


You can see manual toothbrushes on shelves of many local shops across the market. But it is less likely that they may also keep electronic toothbrushes. One may argue that there are online markets to buy toothbrushes from. This argument is valid only when there is no immediate need for the cleaning device. But considering the daily use and importance of toothbrushes, buying them from a local market seems wise. Thus, when it comes to availability and ease of access, manual toothbrushes win the race.

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Ease Of Cleaning

When using manual toothbrushes for cleaning teeth, you relatively put more effort as compared to electric toothbrushes. How your regular toothbrush cleans your teeth depends on the kind of movement you make. This effort is much reduced when you use an electric toothbrush, as it does most of the work for you. Electric toothbrushes are very helpful for people who suffer from illnesses that restrict their movements, such as arthritis and developmental disabilities.


While it is recommended to replace the toothbrush every three to four months, irrespective of its condition, an electric toothbrush can be more durable than a manual toothbrush. This means that you do not need to throw your whole toothbrush away. You buy an electric toothbrush with a replaceable brush head. While the case in both single-use electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes is the same since you cannot replace the head.


The most important factor when it comes to choosing between an electric toothbrush and a regular toothbrush is cost. It is not surprising that electric toothbrushes are costlier than manual toothbrushes. The cost of replacement of the brush head is also high. This is not the case with manual toothbrushes. Thus, the high price restricts the reach of an electric toothbrush to people, who wish to use it but cannot afford it.

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It is clear that in most of the factors electric toothbrushes stand way ahead of manual toothbrushes. So which toothbrush to consider depends upon which factor affects you the most. You can buy an electric toothbrush if you can afford it. But if the availability of an electric toothbrush is an issue for you, then there is no choice but to use a manual toothbrush. If you have a disability or restricted movement, you can prefer a powered toothbrush over a regular one. 

It should be noted that electric toothbrushes have certain advantages. It is because electric toothbrushes ease the teeth-cleaning process, the plaque removal is better. However, this does not mean that manual toothbrushes cannot effectively clean your teeth. The effectiveness of both toothbrushes is relative and not absolute.

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