Meal Prep For Weight Loss: What It Is & How You Can Do It

Meal Prep is the process of preparing all of your meals ahead of time and using them to stay on track.  

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-03-17 18:13

To lose weight or transform, a person must focus on three important factors: diet, exercise, and sleep. Food accounts for 70 per cent of the transformation because a person can only achieve good results while working out if their diet is proper. Dieting entails eating six to seven meals per day, at specific times. This is why many people abandon the idea of dieting because they cannot find diet food everywhere. If this is the case for you as well, then meal prepping can help.

So, if you're new to losing weight or tired of looking for healthy meals, let's start by defining meal prep, its benefits, and how you can do it.

What Is Meal Prep? 

Meal prepping is the practice of preparing some or all of your meals ahead of time in order to control calories and nutrition to meet your fitness goals. Meal prep, in layman's terms, means preparing your meals ahead of time. This could include preparing all of your meals for the following day, orweek in advance. Bodybuilders and actors, who have hectic schedules and cannot cook all of the time, frequently practice meal preparation.

Benefits Of Meal Prep

Having a meal ready prevents you from making poor, hunger-based decisions and can reduce the cost of eating out, saving you money in the long run. Other benefits include:

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1) You Stay On Track

Weight loss is simple math, meaning you must eat less than your maintenance calories. Having a meal ready ensures that you do not exceed your daily calorie limit. When you consume diet food, you also boost your metabolism, which aids in quick transformation.

2) You Dont Miss Out On Nutrients

Outside food is typically high in calories and contains unwanted ingredients, resulting in gastrointestinal inflammation. When you eat homemade food made with natural ingredients, you get all of the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis.

3) No Gut Issues

The human body is extremely intelligent, which means it forms patterns and responds to familiar stimuli. Eating foods that are not on your diet can act as new stimuli, and your body may struggle to digest them. When you eat familiar foods, your body is better able to absorb the nutrients.

How Do You Do It?

The first step in meal preparation is to stock up on your staple foods. The second step is to purchase airtight containers in which you can  carry your meals. Third, purchase a food measuring tool so that you can weigh your food and calculate the number of calories in your container.

Once everything is in place, you can prepare your meals on weekends and use the containers throughout the week to stay on track with your meals.

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Is Meal Prep Worth It For Weight Loss?

You are more likely to stick to your diet if you know what to eat and have your food with you. Just remember not to overdo it if you're new to meal prep. Begin by preparing a few healthy meals per week to establish a sustainable habit, and gradually increase the number of containers.


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