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What Is Indoor Pollution? Know Useful Tips To Manage

Indoor air pollution can also have adverse effects on your health. Here are some tips to manage it. Read on.

Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Dec 04,2021
Updated at: Dec 04,2021

What is indoor pollution? Pollutants enter your home everyday and some originate inside the house. The term used to define this occurence is 'indoor pollution'. While the entire world is fighting Covid-19 pandemic, environmental factors such as smog are making it even more difficult and challenging for people to survive these days. Moreover, there is a chance that the air quality in your home might be far more toxic and harmful than what you may see outside. And, some people are relatively more sensitive to certain pollutants, thus it becomes mandatory to take preventive measures to manage indoor air pollution.

Since a few weeks, the air quality status in Delhi has been 'poor', which can prove to be extremely harmful for our health. Usually, you can't see it but there is a specific smell of air pollution in the house which can act as an irritant for your respiratory tract and lungs. It can even increase the risk of developing chronic diseases such as asthma and cancer. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to identify air pollution so that you can take appropriate steps for your loved ones to breathe fresh air easily. Read this article further to know about useful tips to manage indoor pollution.

Tips to manage indoor pollution

It is almost impossible not to generate indoor air pollution, as pollutants can enter from the outside easily or even spread because of pets, carpets and smoke. The levels of some air pollutants can be 2-5 times higher than the basic outdoor levels, making it very difficult to breathe fresh air. To get rid of these impurities, you need to take care of the root cause initially. Here are 5 useful tips to manage indoor pollution:

1. Use a humidifier

Using a humidifier in your room can be beneficial to prevent any type of respiratory issues. You can keep a humidifier indoors as it can help in managing the pollution inside. It can keep your body warm, moisturized and safe from any unnecessary ailments. Air purifiers add moisture to the air, which can be useful to treat throat and lungs.

2. Avoid indoor smoking

Another tip to manage indoor pollution is that avoid smoking inside the house. Smoking can increase the radon level and air pollutants, also increasing the risk of cancer through some other way. Environmental tobacco smoke is one of the major causes of indoor air pollution, this it is important to avoid it.

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3. Use exhaust fans

Proper ventilation helps in reducing a massive number of indoor pollutants from your house, school, or office. Switch on the fans and exhausts in the kitchen to eliminate cooking fumes and in bathrooms to get rid of the steam. Make sure you switch on the exhaust fans with a clean filter. This is one of the best ways to let the harmful pollutants go outdoors.

4. Keep place clean

Keep your house clean is also essential to breathe clean and fresh air. Brooming and can produce more dust which drops the indoor air quality by keeping the pollutants spread overall in the air. Mopping is one of the best ways to clean and dusting the area with brooming. In fact, you can use a microfiber dusting cloth as it can more dust than a cotton cloth for mopping.

5. Minimize carpeting

Even a lot of experts suggest to minimize carpeting to prevent indoor pollution. Carpeting can also trap pollutants such as dust, pet waste, mold spores, and other dust particles, especially after brooming the floor. It is wise to choose hard-surface flooring instead.

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Indoor air pollution mostly comprises of dust and gases in the air inside the house or workplace that can be dreadful to breathe in. You can follow the above listed tips easily to manage indoor pollution. Improve the air quality in your home and avoid going outdoors with the increasing air pollution.


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