What Is Adult Acne and How To Prevent It

Adults can also get acne due to several factors. Know all of them and how to manage in this article.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-11-08 09:00

In all honesty, adult acne is more or less the same as teen acne or puberty pimples. Anyone at any age can get acne but it depends on several factors. This includes diet, lifestyle, exposure to diet and how well you take care of your skin. However, some people despite following all of these get acne in adulthood which is called adult acne. Let us know everything about them in this article.

What causes adult acne?

Here are some probable triggers of acne in adults:

  • Your skin has excess oil and bacteria
  • Your body is undergoing hormonal changes
  • You are menstruating or PMS
  • You are pregnant
  • You smoke
  • Hereditary, if someone in the family has adult acne

While the above mentioned are uncontrolled factors, the other controllable factors are:

  • Use of makeup- It is known to one and all that makeup can clog pores if not used and wiped out properly. You might get acne due to incorrect or excessive use of makeup.
  • Stress- This is an underestimated trigger of acne. If you have acne issues, stress can worsen them.
  • Consuming sugary and oily foods- Both sugar and fats are popular triggers of acne. Their overconsumption can trigger acne breakouts and may even worsen them.
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On another note, some women take birth control pills that also affects their skin. While some experience a clearer and acne-free skin, some women get a lot of acne. So, it might also be a possible cause of acne on your face.

How to prevent and manage adult acne?

Here are some ways that may help you:

  • Manage stress- If you know you are dealing with a lot of stress lately, try to lower it down. As mentioned earlier, stress is a potential trigger of acne and so, reducing it would certainly help. Do meditation, yoga or listen to soothing music before going to sleep to unwind your mind.
  • Sleep early- Poor sleep or not getting enough rest might also trigger breakouts. So, try to sleep early and get six to eight hours of restful sleep to see the change. Also, change your pillowcase to a silk one. This would help both your skin and hair.
  • Improve your diet- As adults, we must take take of our nutrition. Since diet is a major part of our health, we must focus on that. Consume fresh seasonal fruits, fresh coconut, and foods that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. These are great for skin and can help clear out acne.
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Last word

Acne is an issue that different people get differently. In most cases, acne is not a lifelong problem as it gets better over time. You just need to follow good skin care, hygiene, diet and lifestyle practices to manage acne. Adult acne could be for weeks, months or years, depending upon the root cause. So, find it and get it treated.

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