7 Reasons Why You Have Chapped Lips

Are your lips chapped all the time? Here are some reasons why it might be happening.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-05-20 15:03

Do you get chapped lips often irrespective of the season, weather or any other environmental factor? It is a misconception that chapped lips are only caused due to dryness because there are numerous other answers/reasons for “why are my lips so chapped”. While the primary reason for chapped and cracked lips remain the same, there are some other factors that could lead to dry lips that become chapped over time. This article is all about chapped lips reasons so you must check them out to find out what is causing yours.

What Causes Chapped Lips?

Here are seven reasons what causes chapped lips all the time. Read about these and take necessary steps to resolve the problem.

You lick your lips a lot

If you have a habit of licking your lips a lot, you must stop as this could be the reason behind your dry and chapped lips. A lot of people commit this mistake and eventually cry when their lips retaliate. The reason why licking causes chapping is because our saliva has specific enzymes that helps in breaking down carbs, fats and proteins. Your lips are made up of all these and so, giving some saliva to your lips would certainly make them dry.

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You eat a lot of salty and spicy foods

Diet plays a major role in monitoring health and it could be the sole reason of many health problems, chapped lips is one of them. If you are a big time fan of chips, fries, chilly garlic noodles, tabasco sauce, etc. you are putting your lips at stake. Not only these cause digestive problems but also breaks skin protein that triggers skin issues. Salt and spices cause dehydration that further causes irritation, dryness and chapped lips.

Your lips are exposed to dry air

One of the reasons for chapped lips in summer is dryness in the air. The hot and humid climate soaks all the moisture from your lips making them dry and chapped over time. If you live in extremely hot or super cold climate, you are highly susceptible to chapped lips so, all you need is provide them with some moisture in the form of a good lip balm.

You spend a lot of time outside in sun

Just how your lips react to dryness in the air, they do the same in extreme sunlight. Many people do not know that sun protection is needed for your lips too! Whenever you step out, make sure to apply some lip sunscreen on your lips to protect against UV rays. You would see your lips healing and becoming pink in some time.

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You are dehydrated

Dehydration reacts on the body in several ways. You might end up feeling thirsty, dry mouth fatigued, etc. when you are dehydrated. Have you ever noticed that your lips become chapped when you are thirsty? Immediately after gulping a few glasses of water, you feel relieved. In some cases, people do not know they are dehydrated which makes their lips chapped. So, one of the first steps you must take is drink some water or a hydrating liquid. 

Vitamin deficiency

Yes, if you are wondering why are my lips so chapped, vitamin deficiency could be one reason. Certain vitamins that help in keeping the skin moisturized and nourished might be deficient in your body. Vitamin B12 and vitamin C are the two vitamins that shall be held responsible. In such a case, you must be experiencing dry, scaly and flaky skin along with chapped lips. 

Your medicines are causing chapped lips

There are certain medications that lead to chapped lips as these dry out the skin. Over-the-counter painkillers, antibiotics, antihistamines and antidepressants are the common medicines that cause skin dryness. If you take these, you might suffer from dry and chapped lips. If this is the case, you must keep applying lip balm as you cannot avoid medicines.

These are seven reasons that cause chapped lips. You must identify the root cause to relieve the problem permanently. For others, keep a lip balm in handy to save your lips at anytime.

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