Rubina Dilaik Gains 7Kgs Post COVID Recovery, Here Are Some Weight Management Tips Without Exercise

Rubina Dilaik shares her story of weight gain post COVID recovery. Here are some to lose weight without exercise or tough diets.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2021-09-09 11:40

COVID-19 has posed many challenges for the people around the globe. Celebrities and social media stars were also affected equally. There were many Bollywood and TV celebrities who got corona virus this year or in the past year. It was a hard time for them, as they did not have much work in these past two years and being infected with corona virus made it worse. Rubina Dilaik, winner of Big Boss 14, who was also infected with COVID-19, posted a picture of hers on Instagram citing the post COVID symptoms and how she is dealing with them. She gained 7kgs post COVID in her recovery period which made her really uncomfortable. Here is how she dealt with it.

Weight Gain Post COVID Recovery- Rubina Dilaik

In a recent post on Instagram, Rubina Dilaik, ace television actress and winner of Big Boss Season 14 reality show, posted a picture of hers post COVID recovery. In this post she captioned it “M learning to love myself again after realising, a perfect, lean body doesn’t always define who I am”. She got infected with corona virus earlier this year and during her recovery she gained around 7kgs. This made her very uncomfortable and it was hard to accept this condition of hers in the beginning. Rubina Dilaik mentions in her post that how she is coping up with the lost confidence and learning to love her new body shape. 

She has also mentioned in her post that she tried to get back to shape when she was around 50kgs but couldn’t for some reason. Then she realises that weight is all about having a good health rather than just a lean figure. Hence she is working to get herself back in a happier state and maintain her new body image which she praises in the post. 

Is Weight Gain a Symptom Of Post COVID-19?

Yes, people have experienced weight gain as well as weight loss after getting infected with corona virus. This happens because many of your body functions are not able to perform in their full efficiency because of the viral infection which results in weight gain or weight loss. 

Metabolism of the body is affected, digestive glands and taste buds do not function well, and there is a loss of appetite in many cases. Apart from that recovery of COVID-19 takes around 14-20 days and doctors recommend to take rest for the most time. This automatically results to weight gain in many people. Rubina Dilaik also faced similar symptoms post COVID in her recovery period and gained 7kgs.

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Tips To Reduce Weight without Exercise or Dieting

It is not always mandatory to exercise or go on a particular diet to lose some weight. Sometimes little extra fat is healthy as long as you are not becoming overweight. After COVID-19 many people have faced issues of weight gain including TV actress Rubina Dilaik. Here is how you can reduce your weight without putting your body through intense exercises and tough diets.

1. Chew your food thoroughly and slowly

Do not eat in haste as it affects your metabolism rate. Chewing your food properly and taking adequate time to eat gives your brain signals that help to boost metabolism. If you eat the food in smaller portions and smaller quantities, it can help you lose some extra weight.

2. Have more protein

It influences your diet and appetite. Consuming more protein in your diet gives a feeling of fullness and provides more energy to the body which can help you intake fewer calories. Hence it reduces your weight in a gradual process.  

3. Keep unhealthy food out of your sight

Looking at unhealthy food items may increase your cravings and you may eat them more often. Keeping it out of your sight and away from your casual reach can be beneficial for you in the long run. A recent study has also revealed that if there are high-calorie foods often visible in the house, residents of that house may weight more than those who don’t keep the food in their approach.

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4. Drink More Water

Drinking water can help you eat less and lose weight. Have more water before meals and in frequent intervals. Drinking around half litre of water 30 minutes before having your meals can affect your weight significantly.

5. Serve in smaller portions

If you take smaller portions, automatically your will eat less. Larger portions encourage people to eat more, whereas smaller portion sizes can aid in weight loss. Smaller portion of appetizers can also affect your weight loss by 30%. It can reduce your calorie intake and make you healthier.

6. Eat without Electronic Gadgets

Put your full attention and concentration on food while having meals. Watching TV, playing games, working or phone or laptop can affect your weight. This happens because your body loses tract on how much you have eaten and you end up having more than required quantities. Also absent-mindedness affects your digestive rate and calories consumption in the body. Hence put your focus on food only while eating for reducing excess weight.

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