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From 101 to 60 kgs: How Nikita Marwah Lost 41 kgs Without Following Any Fancy Diets

Read Delhi-based lawyer Nikita Marwah’s story who went from 101 kgs to 60 without following any crash diets

Written by: Shubhangi ShahPublished at: Nov 26,2021
Updated at: Nov 26,2021

“I was an active kid, but I was always a fat kid,” says Nikita Marwah. There was a lot of body shaming at school, at home, the Delhi-based lawyer said. It was not that she never tried losing weight, but her fitness journey only began after she gained over 15 kilograms following a fracture. “I went from 85 kgs to 101 kgs in just three months,” she said, adding that everyone around her started pointing it out. But with focus, consistency & enormous hard work, she went from 101 kgs to 60 kgs, dropping a whopping 41 kilograms. And she did that without following any crash diets. “What I eat today is exactly what I used to when I weighed 100 kgs,” Nikita told Onlymyhealth. So, what made the difference? Read her story to find out:

‘I Was Badly Body Shamed’: Nikita

Recalling her childhood, Nikita said she was always a fat kid. “I used to eat everything. Baahar jaake burger kha lena, ghar aake khana kha lena (when I was out, I used to have burgers, but when I got back home, I used to eat again),” she said. “Basically, I didn’t understand how much I should eat, which led to weight gain,” she added.

On how people around her behaved, Nikita said when she weighed 101 kgs, she was badly body shamed. “In school, people used to say I was fat. Some on the street called me ‘aunty’. And being called an ‘aunty’ at the age of 22 to 23 is a bad feeling,” she said. Once, at her dad’s office function, she was told to get off a swing just because she was fat, Nikita told Onlymyhealth.

When she once suffered a hairline fracture, the doctor told her that generally it’s not that problematic, but Nikita was facing troubles because of her weight. Even her grandmother mocked her, calling her “fatman” and that she had the fracture because of her weight. “It’s heartbreaking when your own family member says such a thing that too at such a time,” Nikita said. Later, she tested positive for hypothyroidism, a condition of the thyroid gland, in which the metabolism slows down, thus making it difficult for the person to lose weight. Nikita started her fitness journey when, following the fracture, she went from 85 kgs to 101 kgs, and people around her started pointing it out.

‘I Discovered Zumba, Everyone Was Very Supportive’: Nikita

Once you decide to lose weight, it is difficult to accept mentally that after reaching such a weight, you are going to start exercising, she said. “Body shaming will still be there, whether you go to a gym or exercise in the park,” Nikita added. It was not that previously she didn’t try losing weight. “During school, I joined a gym. But, I used to eat samosas and momos just after coming out of it,” Nikita said, adding that the mentality was that “I have exercised, and will see whatever happens.” Although she joined the gym, it wasn’t effective, as “I was not passionate about it.”

What proved to be very effective for Nikita was zumba. She joined a zumba studio near her home, where both her trainer, as well as others were very supportive. “My trainer was very supportive, he told me to just start the journey,” Nikita said. Also, her target was to walk 10,000 steps a day, and more than often, she overdid her target.

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Problems Faced

It wasn’t that the whole journey was devoid of any problems. Making a schedule that balanced her workout goal, office work, and study, was quite difficult. “Waking up early isn’t a big task for me. It is to manage the schedule that is difficult,” Nikita said. Busting some weight loss myths, she said, “earlier I used to think of detoxing, quitting salt, and whatnot to lose weight. These are but myths.” Speaking about PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), Nikita said that many people quit dairy products. “But even though I had hypothyroidism, I ate broccoli, cauliflower, and even soybean, which are generally not recommended, but I used to have those and figured out my body reacted to which foods,” she added.

Nikita Marwah’s Diet Plan

Here is what Nikita Marwah eats in a day:

  • After Waking Up: Water, ginger tea, or apple cider vinegar, whatever is available
  • Pre-Workout: A cup of coffee or banana
  • Breakfast: Eggs, or sandwich, anything high in protein
  • Lunch: Again, a well-managed plate that comprises of salad, rice, dal, vegetables, eggs
  • Dinner: One chapati, or a portion of rice, dal, vegetables, eggs.

“It’s a very Indian plate,” Nikita said, adding that when we think of losing ok weight, we think about fancy ways, such as eating broccoli, or something like that.” But our Indian diet gives several options, such as rajma (kidney beans), chole (chickpeas), or even rice, which doesn’t make you fat as long as you manage it well, the Delhi-based lawyer, who is working to become a dietician said. “Today what I eat is exactly what I used to when I weighed 100 kilos, just the portion size is controlled and so is the quality,” Nikita added.

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Consistency Is Key: Nikita

“Love yourself,” Nikita said on being asked what her message would be to people. Also, don’t compare yourself to others, just because something is beneficial for the other person doesn’t mean it’ll suit you. Again, consistency is key. If you can be consistent with a particular thing, do that & if not leave it & think of something else. “That’s the funda of the whole mystery of weight loss,” Nikita said.


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