How To Be Healthy When You're Eating Takeaway

 By practising portion control, skipping sugary beverages and desserts, you can keep you calories under control.

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-03-17 16:40

Whether you're sick of eating the same foods or don't want to cook, takeaway appears to be a lifesaver. Everyone enjoys eating out and posting photos on social media, unless it puts a strain on their weight. Takeaway food in moderation can be part of a  healthy diet, but if you find yourself eating out every other day, you are inviting a slew of health issues. Outside food is frequently high in calories and contains unwanted ingredients that cause inflammation in the body. A bad takeaway meal even has the potential to set you back 15 days and ruin your weight loss progress.

But what if you're on vacation and have no other choice but to order food? Don't worry; here are some foolproof ways to play smart when ordering takeaway food. So, before you eat those high-sodium fries, let's first understand what you should focus on and how to eat healthily.

Things You Should Focus On

How often has it happened to you that when you place your order, the store staff says, 'There is an offer, if you club your sandwich with coke, you will get extra fries'?Most likely every time you order. Your goal should always be to order less and avoid free and combo meals. To begin, before you place your order, enter your food into any calorie counter app and check how many calories your burger or taco has. Secondly, scan the menu to see if any healthy options are available. For example, if you want a burger, see if they have a whole bun burger, and if so, order that. Finally, avoid ordering desserts because they contain the most calories and can make you bloated.

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Here's How To Eat Healthily

1) Practise Portion Control And Eat Slow

Portion control is more important for weight loss than dieting and exercise. Portion control is when you eat in small amounts, such as having three slices of pizza instead of the entire pizza. By practising portion control, a person can easily control the day's calorie count.  Eating slowly is also essential. "Recall the last time you went out to eat and the waiter made you wait for your second bread?" What happened? Isn't your desire to eat gone? So, if you incorporate the habit of eating slowly, you will easily fill up on less food.

2) Hunt For Protein

Instead of a regular salad or sandwich, try a chicken salad, which is high in protein. Protein is one of the most important macronutrients that helps with satiety. So, if you fill your plate with protein, you can easily fill up on half a salad.

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3) Skip Ordering Beverages

We are always looking for something sweet and tasty to drink with our meal, but doing so can increase your daily calorie intake. The majority of beverages on the market are high in sugar and preservatives, which can harm your gut health. If you are thirsty go for water or lemon water. Black coffee and green tea are also healthy options.

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