Vitamin B3 Benefits For Skin: Know Foods That You Must Include In Your Diet

Let us take a close look at the benefits of niacinamide aka Vitamin B3 for skin along with some of the food items that are rich in this nutrient.  

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Jan 23,2022
Updated at: Jan 23,2022

Glowing, radiant and even toned skin is something that we all desire for. In order to fulfill this desire of ours, we often tend towards expensive cosmetic treatment, messy home remedies and those long spa sessions that tend to burn a hole in our pockets. When it comes to solving our skincare vows and getting a brighter glow, niacinamide aka vitamin B3 is something that Dermatologists swear by. Niacinamide is another name for vitamin B-3, an essential nutrient that is known to prevent kidney and brain related disorders along with providing you with a healthy and glowing skin. Known for minimizing pores, strengthening barriers, controlling oil production, treating pigmentation, providing protection against sun damage, delaying aging and treating acne, niacinamide can do it all. Let us take a close look at the benefits of niacinamide aka Vitamin B3 for skin along with some of the food items that are rich in this nutrient with Dr. Jaishree Sharad, Board Certified Dermatologist, Founder, Skin fit by Jaishree.

What is Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide?

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Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 is an essential nutrient that plays an important role in functioning of various body systems such as brain functioning and digestive system. This vitamin plays an important role in converting the consumed food into usable energy and helps out the cells in carrying out several important chemical reactions in the body. Being a water soluble nutrient, it can not be started by the body and hence needs to be consumed on a regular basis. Being a preferred form of vitamin B3, niacinamide is known to provide several health benefits such as-

  • Slowing the progression of diabetes
  • Preventing skin cancer
  • Prevents severe kidney diseases
  • Helps to reduce the levels of phosphate in blood and is
  • Effective in treating osteoarthritis

Niacinamide is generally used to prevent diseases and conditions caused due to a deficiency of vitamin B3. Not just internal organ systems but this vitamin has also been proven to be good for your skin health due to its antioxidant content. 

Vitamin B3 for Skin

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The benefits of Vitamin B3 don;t just end at treating osteoarthritis or slowing down the progression of diabetes but have surely got a lot more to it. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that is known to provide several benefits to your skin right from treating acne to minimizing pores and from reducing the appearance of dark spots to strengthening the skin barrier. Let us take a quick look at some of the benefits of this form of vitamin B3 for your skin. 

  • Helps to retain moisture and increase the production of ceramides in skin
  • Protects and strengthens the skin barrier
  • Is an antioxidant which helps in protecting the skin by reducing oxidative stress caused due to free radical damage.
  • Consists of anti inflammatory properties that helps in reducing skin inflammation
  • Reduces the concentration of melanin pigment in the skin
  • Is helpful in reducing the early signs of aging
  • Provides you with an even skin tone
  • Is beneficial for decreasing skin sensitivity
  • Helps in fading hyperpigmentation
  • Evens out the oil production from sebaceous glands
  • Protects the skin from environmental damage
  • Decreases skin redness and blotchiness
  • Has calming properties and is effective to be used in conditions like rosacea
  • Increases the production of keratin that helps in making your skin firm and supple
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Protects the skin from sun damage

Food items rich in Vitamin B3

As of now we are well aware about what niacinamide and vitamin B3 is, how it affects our overall health and ways in which it can be beneficial for the skin. Where there are several topical treatments available that are rich in this nutrient, let us take a quick look at some of the vitamin B3 rich food items that can improve your skin quality and provide you with a firm and glowing skin as recommended by Dr. Jaishree Sharad-

  • Grains
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Fish
  • Mushrooms
  • Nuts

Vitamin B3 or niacinamide is a nutrient that can benefit your skin health and provide relief from various skin conditions. The calming properties of this nutrient is known to be helpful in rosacea and other such inflammatory conditions due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Moreover, it also helps to retain the moisture in the skin and helps to make it soft and supple.

(This article is based upon a post by Dr. Jaishree Sharad, Board Certified Dermatologist, Founder, Skin fit by Jaishree on her instagram handle.)


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