Upgrade Your Festive Makeup Look With These Eyeshadow Combinations

Don’t hesitate to play with all the colours available in your eyeshadow palette. We will tell you some amazing colour combinations.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2020-10-10 18:16

The festive season is about to begin and most of us are preparing ourselves to enjoy this after the lockdown. Even though the celebrations won’t be like how they used to be earlier but you can enjoy it to the fullest. Festive and wedding season calls for trendy makeup and playing with colours. We often like to keep the makeup subtle on normal days but now is the time to try new colours on the eyes. You don’t really need to go to the parlour for this. We will tell you some tricks and eyeshadow combinations to try this season. Get yourself a colourful eyeshadow palette and read this article to know how you can mix up the colours to enhance your eye look.

Best eyeshadow colour combinations for beautiful eye makeup 

Orange and purple 

The combination of orange and purple colour can be quite good. To create this look, add a light purple or lilac colour with a slight dab of orange. This is the best for a day time event, however, you can sport this look even for a night event like a wedding. This eyeshadow combination will be especially well paired with a sari or matching lehenga. 

Metallic yellow and black

Yellow or mustard yellow can be quite a tricky color but you can ace the look if you match the yellow eyeshadow with the best color combination. Now we tell you how to apply yellow eyeshadow. Instead of one of your regular black smokey eyes, make a yellow and black eyeshadow combo. For this, apply a yellow shade on the inner side of your eye. After that, you give a light shade with a black shade on the outside and then apply homemade eyeliner. It will give you a smokey look but with a twist. This won’t make your eyes look too bright but extremely bright and beautiful.

Bronze and plum

For a party, festive and wedding look, you can think of a better combination of bronze and plum eyeshadow colours. This is a perfect match that will help you in getting the attention of people and everyone will praise you for how gracefully you have created and carried this eyeshadow look. You can wear this colour combination with a traditional outfit, ethnic or gown. 

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Pink and blue 

You set an eyeshadow base with a soft pink color and then highlight it with a sky blue or navy blue shade. This will help you set makeup goals. While trying this combo, always take care not to overdo the blue shade, dab a little in the inner corner and apply it on the lower eyelid, as shown in the photo here. 

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Peach and Gold

If you want to give your eyes a warm and sparkling look at the same time, try a combo of peach and gold color. This is the best for you, it will help to deepen your eyes. Just while applying this color combination, you have to apply a gold shade on the inner half of your eyes and a peach shade on the outside.

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