Unknown Facts about Creatine Weight Gain

Creatine is one of the popular supplements that help you gain weight and build muscle at a faster rate. Here are some unknown facts about creatine that you might not know.

Written by: Himanshu Sharma Updated at: 2013-12-06 12:40

If you're a fitness fanatic, you may have heard a lot about creatine. Before you start using it for weight gain, you need to get your facts clear.

It is one of the popular supplements that help you gain weight and build muscle at a faster rate. Bodybuilding enthusiasts find curiosity in this supplement. But, you must think twice to make sure if you should supplement with creatine.


What is creatine?

Not many (even users) are aware or understand exactly what creatine is. It is a substance that our body naturally contains, in the muscle cells. It is like fuel for the muscle tissues to help them contract and relax. You can get creatine naturally from meat, but the amount may not intense exercises. Creatine supplements are basically athletic aids to enhance performance during high-intensity physical activity. For example, you can work out longer and do seven reps instead of five if you take a creatine supplement.


Can creatine help you gain weight or build muscle mass?

Creatine may help you build muscle mass or put on weight without working out at the gym. The supplement pulls water into your muscles, which causes water-weight gain. Your muscles start looking bigger. You get the best effect (healthy weight gain and muscle building) only when creatine supplement is combined with a high-intensity workout.

Now the question is that will you be able to maintain your strength and muscle mass after you discontinue the supplement? You can maintain it for as long as you continue to work out.

Is too much creatine harmful?

There is no scientific evidence on whether excessive creatine is harmful or not, but there may be side-effects related to it. It is better that you don’t exceed the quantity your body needs. If you don’t get more out of it, what is the point? You are only wasting your money, time and effort.


Is there any specific time to take creatine?

Those who are looking for weight gain, often are confused about when to consume it. The supplement serves best when taken right around the post-workout period. This is the period when the muscles are most receptive to absorbing it into their cells. You may split the dosage – one pre-workout, one post-workout and two doses later during the day.


Can creatine supplement interfere with medications or medical conditions?

If you are on medications or plagued by any medical condition, it is better to seek advice from your doctor about creatine’s use. Doctor’s consultation becomes necessary if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, a history of kidney or liver diseases and if you regularly take any prescription meds or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


The Bottom Line

Give creatine a second thought whether you're trying to gain weight or build muscles. The understanding of supplement is crucial in order to reap benefits. It can help you perform better during workouts and lead you to a healthy weight gain. However, there may be trouble if you don’t incorporate it correctly in your regimen.



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