Trending Skincare Hacks That Can Be Terrible for Your Skin

Be careful while trying a skincare hack as it can be seriously damaging to your skin. Prevent these trending skincare hacks.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-05-27 19:07

Social media is an excellent way to efficiently spread awareness, education, and information, however; in terms of skincare advice, it isn’t always the most reliable source. Among the millions of social media users, how many haven’t come across a skincare trend that promises to work miracles on our skin? How many haven’t tried suspicious “at home,” remedies in hopes to see instantaneous changes? Not too many we suppose. We don’t mean to burst your bubble, although it is necessary that everyone understands the dangers or risks involved when you put your faith into misinformed and ill-intentioned social media trends..

Trending Skin Care Hacks That Are Bad For Skin

Some skin care hacks can be good but not all. Despite they include all-natural ingredients, it can be overwhelming for your skin. Do not follow all trending hacks that you may see on the Internet. Here are a few Trending Skincare Hacks mentioned by skin care expert Namrata Reddy Sirupa, Co-founder of Satliva, that could prove to be disastrous for your skin

Melting Blackheads

This one-of-a-kind trend is strange in every essence of the word. It suggests coating your face in Vaseline and then covering the skin with plastic wrap. Similar hacks also suggest placing a hot towel against the covered skin. While this trick may succeed in opening up your pores and making your blackheads easy to squeeze and pop, it's a horrific experience for your skin.

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Egg White Masks

One of the most popular DIY home remedies, and countless bloggers and vloggers swear by its benefits. But how many truly understand the risks of egg white masks? The words raw eggs, and Salmonella go hand-in-hand, the famous bacterium is a common cause of food poisoning with the potential to be fatal. Without doubt the masks do have certain benefits, but these benefits are eclipsed by the horrifying risks that tag along with them.

Toothpaste as a spot treatment

Is yet another “fool proof” DIY remedy popularised by social media trends to help reduce blemishes and acne. The reason toothpaste as spot treatment is prevalent in the DIY skincare industry is due to the presence of the ingredient Triclosan, which is believed to kill the acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. Though it does help to a certain extent, this remedy also dries up the skin, making it flaky, itchy, and irritated.

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Lemon Juice Lightener

these days, it’s a real challenge finding a skincare hack that doesn’t contain lemon juice. Countless “beauty experts'' endorse and promote the use of lemon juice in various DIY remedies, from masks to face washes. However, the reality might not be as simple as it seems. Lemon is acidic and can alter the pH of your skin, destroying the barrier, creating an environment conducive to inflammation, irritation, and even scarring. Additionally, when lemon juice interacts with UV light, it is known to cause a chemical reaction that can lead to hyper-pigmentation. 


Skincare hacks are not all bad, every now and again you may come across one that works almost magically for you, and becomes an integral part of your skincare routine. However; everyday there are innumerable misguiding trends that find their way into our skincare routine, leaving us worse off than they found us. For this reason, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the ingredients in any DIY remedies, and do a patch test before lathering on any homemade concoctions. 

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