Weight Gain Diet

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Why are you underweight?

Weight gain diet primarily works for people who are either underweight or those who are trying to increase muscle mass. Though gaining weight is comparatively easier than losing weight, one should do it healthily. This way, you will gain weight but not fat. Firstly, how do you know that you are underweight? This can be done using BMI calculator wherein if your BMI is less than 18.5, you are underweight. Talking about causes of underweight, there are various reasons why your weight it less. From hereditary to nutritional deficiency, here are some of the common causes of being underweight:

Hereditary: If your parent(s) are underweight or this runs in the genes, you might be underweight too

Malnutrition: If you are not consuming enough nutrients in your diet or you are not consuming the essential food groups, you may become malnutrition which starts with being underweight.

Underlying medical condition: If you are losing weight abruptly without any cause, you must get yourself checked as this could be due to an underlying disease such as thyroid

Loss of appetite due to stress, workload or other psychological factors

Not having regular meals

Health Complications due to underweight

If you think it is alright to be underweight, it is not. Being underweight can put you at risk of many health complications. Here are some of them:

Nutritional deficiencies: If you are underweight and you don’t take the necessary steps to gain some weight, it can cause nutritional deficiencies. If you don’t have a healthy, balanced diet, this could lead to a lack of nutrients in the body that further leads to a deficiency. Some of the common nutritional deficiencies are calcium deficiency, iron deficiency(anaemia), iodine deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, to name but a few. These could lead to chronic diseases that can compromise your health in the long run.

Fertility issues: Did you know that your weight can affect your fertility? Yes, both obesity as well underweight can hamper your fertility. Women get affected by this the most as they suffer complications in conceiving, keeping the pregnancy and delivery as well. Miscarriages are commonly seen in such cases.

Weak immune system: Due to you being underweight particularly due to nutritional deficiencies, your immune system can be compromised. With a weaker immune system, you are also at risk of catching seasonal flu and infections.

Weight Gain Foods

Diet contains foods that play an imperative role in weight gain. Consuming the right foods in the right amount is important for a healthy weight gain. Here is the list of foods that you can have to gain weight.


Milk is believed to be high in fats which is why most people on a weight loss diet avoid having it. However, drinking milk is good if you are on a weight gain spree. It is whole food in itself with a rich nutrition profile including calcium, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. Drinking milk would provide you whey and casein proteins both that help in gaining muscle mass.


Again, this is one thing that is strictly prohibited in a weight loss diet as well as people with chronic health issues such as diabetes. Eating rice, however, can help you gain weight. This is high in carbs as well as calories that can help you gain weight faster. Have rice with sauteed vegetables, curries and lentils that make it both tasty and healthy.

Dried fruits & Dry Fruits

Fruits are a must in everyone’s diet as they provide you with needful nutrients. However, many seasonal fruits are not available that should be included in the diet. In such a case, their dried versions are feasible. These have natural sugar which is good for weight gain without affecting health in a negative way. Consuming dried fruits and dry fruits daily is a good idea to gain some kilos healthily.

Protein smoothies

Smoothies are made of either milk or yogurt, both of which are great for weight gain. You can add fruits and protein powder to it to make it nutritious and healthy. Protein smoothies are tasty and the best thing is that you can always experiment with them as per your taste and preference. Banana smoothies, berry smoothies, chocolate shake & smoothies, are some examples that you can try.

Red meat

If you are non-vegetarian, consume red meat at least thrice in a week. Red meat is an excellent source of protein as it contains creatine and leucine that allow muscle mass production. 

Fatty and oily fish

Fishes such as salmon are rich in fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming them can make you gain weight easily and effectively. 

Potatoes and starchy vegetables

Starchy foods such as potatoes are great for weight gain and indeed allow quick weight increase. These have high calories and carbohydrates that help in gaining weight quickly. Most of the starchy vegetables are also rich in fiber that boosts digestive health and ward of digestive issues.

Whole grain bread

This is something that is associated with weight loss but it is actually good for gains. Whole wheat bread has both fiber and carbs that makes it good for weight. Also, if you team it up with protein like eggs & cheese, this is a wholesome and healthy meal.

Whole eggs

Lastly, we have eggs on this list. These are rich in calcium, protein and healthy fats that make them apt for weight gain. You must eat whole eggs including the white and yolk both to gain weight healthily. 

Diet Plan for Weight Gain

If you are trying to lose weight, here is a diet plan that can help you in choosing the food groups for each day. Follow this plan and see if it helps you in gaining some weight.


  • Breakfast- Have whole wheat bread with eggs + some dry fruits + 1 glass of milk
  • Have banana shake 2 hours after breakfast
  • Lunch- Chapattis + Rice + lentils + vegetable curry + yogurt + salad
  • Evening Snack- Vegetable Poha + Fruit smoothie
  • Dinner- Chapattis + meat or vegetable curry + salad 


  • Breakfast- Stuffed paranthas + curd or milk + dry fruits
  • Have mango shake after 2 hours
  • Lunch- Chapatti + rice + chicken curry or vegetable curry + salad
  • Evening snack- Whole wheat bread + fruit juice
  • Dinner- Chapattis + vegetable curry + salad


  • Breakfast- Besan cheela or moon daal cheela + milk + dry fruits
  • Drink a glass of banana smoothie after 2 hours
  • Lunch- Chapattis + lentils + rice + curd
  • Evening snack- Potato chaat or tomato soup
  • Dinner- Chapattis + vegetable curry + salad


  • Breakfast- Vegetable upma + milk + dry fruits
  • Have berry smoothie after 2 hours
  • Lunch- Chapattis + Rice + Rajma or any beans + salad
  • Evening snack- Vegetable poha or bread cutlets + fruit/vegetable juice 
  • Dinner- Chapattis + vegetable + salad


  • Breakfast- Potato or vegetable sandwich + fruit juice + dry fruits
  • Have sweet potato chaat 2 hours after breakfast
  • Lunch- Chapattis + chicken/fish curry or chhole + rice + yogurt
  • Evening snack- Banana shake
  • Dinner- Chapattis + vegetable curry


  • Breakfast- Vegetable upma + dry fruits + smoothie
  • Lunch- Chapattis + Vegetable + lentils + rice
  • Evening snacks- Sprouts with juice
  • Dinner- Chapattis + mix vegetable + salad


  • Breakfast- Moong dal cheela + fruit shake + dry fruits
  • Have coconut water or fresh fruit juice two hours after breakfast
  • Lunch- Chapattis + lentils + vegetable soy curry + curd
  • Evening snack- Vegetable cutlets
  • Dinner- Chapattis + vegetable curry + salad