Hair Colouring

Who says hair colouring is passé? Let your hair loose to colours while you can, irrespective of what its natural colour, texture and style is. Hair colouring is something that most people love but they fear getting them due to possible risks of hair damage. With the advancing hair colouring products and techniques, it has become safer to colour your tresses without worrying about damage. With information on possible side-effects and the right guidance on what precautions to take before colouring hair, we promise a happier face on the mirror after your first experiment with the colour palette on hair. In this section, you will get to read all articles related to hair colouring procedure.

Benefits of hair colouring

Everything and every treatment has certain advantages and disadvantages attached to it. Nothing is purely beneficial or disastrous. Hair colouring is a beauty treatment that has no direct link with hair care benefits. However, there are certain pros of colouring your hair that you may want to read about. We have mentioned them below.

Look transformation

The first and foremost benefits of colouring your hair is transforming your looks. Hair coloring can give you a completely different and changed look. You won’t recognise yourself after looking yourself in the mirror let alone others as your hair plays a big part in showing your personality. Sometimes compared to natural hair, dyed hair suits one's face more and it enhances their beauty. Thus, it is a personal choice to colour hair to change the monotonous look.

Change in tone and texture of hair

While the natural colour and texture of the hair remains permanent, hair colouring can enhance them for a specific time period depending upon the treatment you take. Hair colors are available in many different tones, which can give a beautiful and stylish look to your hair. From golden to mahogny or burgundy to chocolaty brown, you can choose from a variety of colours. So if you're tired of your usual hair look, you can try different shades of colour to tone your face. 

Personality makeover

Believe it or not, hair colour can give a makeover to your personality. If you get a hair cut done along with that, there is nothing better. Changing hair color can work to bring about a change in you too. Some people express themselves with their clothes while others do so with their hair color, makeup and personality selection.

Side Effects of Hair Colouring

We talked about the possible benefits of hair colouring, now we will also tell you the probably side-effects of colouring your hair. We cannot neglect these as one’s hair may suffer long-term damage that makes you regret of having hair colouring done. However, these are not with everyone as some people do not experience any side-effect at all even if they get colouring done 2-3 times a year.

Allergic reaction

Whether you are coloring your hair or just using it to hide the whiteness of your hair, it can be harmful for you. This can cause you severe allergies. The primary cause of allergies is a substance called paraphenylenediamine, or PPD, commonly found in hair color. In such a situation, you may see symptoms of allergic reactions such as scalp inflammation, dandruff, itchy scalp, redness, swollen eyelids, to name but a few.

Thinning of hair

Hair thinning is one of the most common problems associated with hair dyeing, no matter what brand of color you are getting, but coloring can lead to thinning hair. Many researches suggest that your hair sheds less volume after dyeing as compared to natural hair.

Permanent hair damage

Hair coloring can make your hair dry and lifeless. This can damage your hair and damage its natural health. It not only makes your hair dull but also makes them brittle and dead. Hence, you may need the necessary protein treatment and conditioning after you dye your hair. 

Skin infections

Hair color can be the cause of skin infection. Talking about some of its common symptoms, it causes burning in the hair, redness and flaky skin, itching and other problems. It is advised that you do a patch test 48 hours before dyeing your hair. During a patch test, the suspected allergen is applied, and your skin is examined after two days to make sure there was no allergic reaction. Stop using hair color at the slightest sign of any allergic reaction on the skin. See a dermatologist if your skin remains inflamed and itchy.


Laboratory experiments have proven that PPD can damage human DNA cells and cause cancer. The American Cancer Society believes that hair color is harmful to the skin, which can trigger cancer. In addition, it also increases the risk of breast cancer. 

Types of Hair Coloring

Temporary color

In this, temporary coloring of hair is done. Shampooing it in one or two times removes the color of the hair. This includes the use of temporary color in shampoos and conditioners.

Semi Permanent

Like temporary color, semi-permanent color is a short-term option that lasts a little longer in the hair. It provides a slight blending with the existing hair colour, but may not cover the existing color well. Semi-permanent hair colour would last for good months like 3-6 months, however, it will lighten after several hair washes.


The demi-permanent lasts for a few days longer than the rest. It brings changes in some hair colors along with gray color. It does not lighten the hair.

Permanent Hair Colouring

Due to this, the color of your hair changes for a long time and all the hair is colored in it. They are of many types and many colors. But make sure that you get this done from an experienced professional only.

Tips for hair colouring

Choose the product and shade of hair wisely. Do a hair test first before getting it done on the entire hair to avoid regret and waste of money.

Go for organic products with less chemicals to avoid hair damage caused by hair colours

Follow the instructions given by the person you have gotten hair colour from

Try to maintain a gap of some months while changing your hair colour