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Top 10 Sanskrit Baby Names

Sanskrit Baby Names - Get some ideas for a beautiful and meaningful Sanskrit name for your child.

Written by: Shubhangi UpadhyayaPublished at: Nov 10,2011
Updated at: Jun 27,2014

These days parents invest a lot of time and energy in picking the best suited name for their children. When it comes to naming your baby, you need not look anywhere else as Indian mythology is very rich and various meaningful names could be found in the Sanskrit language.  You can find an appropriate name for your son or daughter from some of the baby names listed below.



Names for Boys

  1. Aadidev: The one who is the supreme God is called Aadidev. The numerology value of this name is 1.
  2. Yavan: It is a beautiful name with numerology value 9. It means the Ionians or the Greeks.
  3. Tanmay: It is one of the good options for a cute little boy. It means absorbed and its numerology value is 2.
  4. Abhirup: If you can imagine your son maturing into a handsome young man, name him Abhirup as it stands for beauty and grace. Its numerology value is 3.
  5. Lakshya: This name with a sweet sound means aim and goal. Its numerology value is 5.
  6. Vikranth: This name stands for power and strength. Its numerology value is 4.
  7. Svasthik: All parents wish well being of their sons. Therefore, keeping this sentiment in mind, it is an ideal name for your beloved son. It means well being and its numerology value is 1.
  8. Rudra: This name with numerology value 8 is very close to the Hindu mythology as it is a form of Lord Shiva.
  9. Niroop: It is a beautiful and meaningful name. It signifies the almighty God. The numerology value of this name is 6.
  10. Agasthya: Agasthya was the name of a famous sage.  So you can consider naming your son after him. The numerology value of this name is 1.


Names for Girls

  1. Asmi: It is an ideal name for your little angel which means “I am.” The numerology value of this name is 6.
  2. Ipshita: It is a beautiful name with numerology value 1. It means wished and desired.
  3. Dakshayani: If you see an image of Goddess Parvati in your daughter, you can name her Dakshayani as it is one of the names of the Goddess. Its numerology value is 3.
  4. Navami: It is a name with numerology value 6. It signifies the ninth day of the moon cycle.
  5. Priyamvada: A girl who speaks sweetly is known as Priyamvada. Its numerology valve is 2.
  6. Pavitra: Every girl signifies auspiciousness and sanctity. Keeping this in mind, name your daughter Pavitra. Its numerological value is 5.
  7. Hamsini: It is said that each girl is an incarnation of Goddess Durga on earth. So name your daughter after Goddess Durga as Hamsini. Its numerological value is 1.
  8. Tananyaa: It means daughter of a goddess and its numerology value is 8.
  9. Vedika: A girl who is very learned and the knows the holy Vedas is known as Vedika. The numerology value of this name is 7.
  10. Yamini: This name is a symbol for the peacefulness and coolness of a night and its numerology value is 8.

You can consider the numerology value and the meaning of each of the names before finalizing it for your new born baby.


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