5 Tips To Remove Facial Hair At Home

Facial hair can feel embarrassing to some women. Here are some tips that you can follow to remove it at home naturally. Read on. 

Written by: Navya Kharbanda Updated at: 2022-05-23 18:08

Many women have thick and dark facial hair, making them problematic in some situations. Facial hair in women can also be a symptom of medical conditions such as PCOD, Thyroid, or other hormonal issues. Waxing, tweezing, threading and laser are some ways to get rid of facial hair. However, there are several other tips that can help in removing those unwanted hair naturally. Getting facial hair remover professionally can be expensive and call for unrequired fuss. Therefore, keep reading to know about some useful ways to get rid of facial hair at home. 

Tips to remove facial hair at home 

All women have facial hair, but they are mostly thin and go unnoticed. Thick facial hair might seem odd on the face. There are many easy to do home remedies that work in such situations. Here are 5 tips to remove facial hair naturally at home: 

1. Sugar honey 

Sugar and honey mixture is one of the best natural ways to remove facial hair at home. Sugar plays the role of a mild exfoliator on  the surface of the skin that helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and facial hair. On the other hand, honey is an effective kitchen ingredient to heal and nourish the skin during the hair removal process. You can make a peel off mask using both the ingredients. Mix honey and sugar and let it melt in a microwave. Apple the paste on the hairy area of your face and paste a piece of cotton cloth over it. Pull it off in one go, preferably in the opposite direction of your hair growth. 

2. Egg white and cornstarch 

Egg white is sticky and can help in creating a thin layer over the surface of your skin if mixed with sugar and cornstarch. This natural remedy is not suggested for acne prone skin as egg white has Vitamin A present in it and it can cause acne breakouts. Just take one tablespoon of cornstarch and one of sugar, to mix with an egg white. Apply the mixture on the hairy areas of your skin. Then, peel it off in one quick motion once it is dry. 

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3. Papaya and turmeric 

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which can help in opening up the hair follicles, resulting in the hair falling off. Whereas, turmeric contains anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, thus less chances of breakouts and more smooth skin. Mash a piece of papaya and mix it with turmeric. Massage it over the unwanted hair area in a circular motion. Do it atleast 2-3 times a week to get rid of facial hair. 

4. Banana oatmeal 

Oatmeal is known for being an effective natural exfoliator. It is a primary ingredient  in most of the exfoliating DIY homemade face masks and scrubs. It is also beneficial for natural facial hair removal. Banana also contains great properties that can contribute in getting rid of unwanted hair on your face. Mash half banana and mix it with two tablespoon of oatmeal. Apply the mixture on the affected areas and rinse it off after 15-20 minutes. Repeat this atleast 2-3 times a week. 

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5. Gram flour and rose water

Gram flour contains exfoliating properties that can help in removing facial hair at home easily. Mixing it with rose water is even more effective as it can hinder hair growth in that area. It is one of the best home remedies to get rid of facial hair for a longer time period. You just have to take two gram flour and mix it with two tablespoon rose water along with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Make a thick paste and on your face. Let it dry and then rub it off gently using your fingers to remove facial hair. Do this home remedy atleast 3-4 times a week.


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