Holi 2022: How To Take Off Nasty Colors From Hair Without Damage?

Holi colors can damage your hair and make them dry and brittle, here are some remedies you must try on this Holi. 

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-03-18 11:30

The festival of colors is almost over but the vibes haven’t gone. Oh, did I forgot about color on your hair which is still taking highlights? Yes, I know as much as we enjoy Holi, we do know that the after effects of colors can cause damage to our hairs of skin. Skin can still be scrubbed and rubbed to take of the colors, but what about your beautiful hair. Especially girls aways try to doge the colors getting into their hair because of the after effects of it, but sometimes it's all worth it. Holi colors can be taken off from hair without getting your hair damaged by the following remedies. These a home remedies for your hair to take of nasty colors. 

Remedies to Remove Holi Colors Off Your Hair 

1. Use Castor Oil on Hair 

Put Castor oil on your hair before going to play Holi. It can provide you with a protective layer on your hair that can prevent you from getting color into your hair. Even if the color goes inside the hair, it can be removed with just using soap water. Cleansers can also do the job easily for you. Massage your hair properly before playing Holi in order to provide protection from these nasty colors.  

2. Egg yolk or Curd After Holi 

Please considered very beneficial for your skin and hair. After Holi celebration, you just need to put egg yolk or curd on your hairs and leave it for 40 minutes straight. This can reduce the extent of damage on your hair and prevents you from suffering from hair damage and problems. Curd and egg yolk soak the colors from your hair and it benefits you on the long term. After keeping the egg yolk and curd for around 45 minutes, you can wash your hair a shampoo or conditioner.

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3. Mustard Oil 

I thorough massage on your hair with mustard oil can be used to prevent hair damage. Mustard oil should be well massaged Before going to play Holi. Once you have shampooed your hair, apply mustard oil on the hair and leave it for an hour. This will help you remove the remaining color and prevent damage that could have happened otherwise. Mustard oil also has anti-inflammatory substance that nourishes the hair and skin effectively. 

4. Coconut Hair 

We have heard so much about benefits of coconut oil, haven't we? Applying coconut oil on your hair is a great way to reduce damage or health issues on the hair. It also helps to remove the color that have been penetrated into the scalp. Coconut oil should be applied before going to play Holi as it uses the oil layer to prevent colors going beneath the upper portion of hair which can be easily washed later. You need to shampoo thoroughly while taking the bath. 

5. Hair Gels

Boys can also try to cover their hair by using hair gel. Hair gel prevents any harmful effect like color, grease, oil or any other substance to go inside the upper level of the hair. The gel does not allow the color to stick on the hair and thus it can be washed off easily later on. Insert a thoroughly once you have played Holi. Some experts recommend rinsing off your hair by a mild shampoo after applying hair gels. Do not keep washing your hair again and again. If you have used hair gel. Repetitive washing your hair can make the scalp dry and thus it is recommended to prevent the use of chemical-based hair gel. 

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6. Do not keep your hair open  

Easiest way to prevent your hair to get damaged is not to keep it open while playing Holi. Tying up your hairs prevent color from going inside, it also reduces the area of spread of color. You can wash your hair with lukewarm water after playing Holi that can take off most of the color from the hair. Other thing which you can do is that you can apply mix of lemon juice and water to the roots of the hair. This helps to absorb the color from the scalp and roots and prevents hair damage and infection risk. Those who are prone to dandruff should avoid permanent color on the hair and chemicals that can affect them. Try to play an herbal and safe HOLI.

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