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Worried About Omicron And Its Aftermaths? Here Are 8 Tips By Expert To Reduce COVID Risk

Omicron variant is raising cause of concern among people. Here are some tips shared by expert to reduce risk of infection.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Dec 03,2021
Updated at: Dec 08,2021

Omicron variant or as WHO terms it as “variant of Concern” has really raised alarms because of its rapid transmissibility rate. New COVID-19 variant has created tense situations among everyone’s mind and have left everybody to ponder about the risk of this variant of corona virus. People are scared after witnessing the deadly second wave in the country and are tensed about new symptoms are complications it might bring with it. Not much is known yet, but first few cases have been identified in India as well. Until we know any further, we need to take relevant precautions against this COVID-19 omicron variant. 

Precautionary Tips Against Omicron Variant COVID-19

We had an exclusive conversation with Dr. Vivek Nangia, Principal Director and Head, Pulmonology, Max Super Speciality Hospital at Saket. He briefed us about various precautions that people need to take to prevent themselves from infection of Omicron variant of corona virus.

1. Sanitize your Environment

It is important to understand that the virus hasn’t gone yet, nor the delta variant has vanished. Therefore sanitization should be one of the top priorities of people and they should make their surrounding clean and sanitized to reduce the risk of infections. You need to wash your hands often at an interval of 1 hour or if you touch anything which might have viral growth on it. This comes with choosing COVID appropriate behavior and guidelines.

2. Give Omicron Benefit of Doubt

We do not know about this omicron variant yet, hence until we know of its symptoms; give it the benefit of doubt. This means do not assume any infection, cold, fever, cough to be seasonal problem. Treat every small disease and infection as they could be a symptom for corona virus. You need to consult your doctor and take necessary precautions such as isolation, medicines and sanitary habits until you have tested negative. Do not try to ignore any type of infection and take it casually.

3. Put your masks up

You should definitely wear your masks at all times whenever you move out of your home, or any comes from outside. Pollution levels are also high at this time; hence the risk of infections is more. Therefore it is advised to put double masks in populated area or crowded places. Also wear N95 masks which have better protection rate, wash your masks or throw them after use. Do not touch your masks often, especially the outer layer as it might have viruses on them. 

4. Take a Flu Shot

Flu shots are necessary because we do not know about the omicron variant. Flu shots are very safe and can reduce the risk of infections in the body. It could also prevent you from getting seasonal flu which increases the chances of COVID-19. Try to be careful with people having cold, cough or any kind of diseases. 

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5. Keep an Inhaler with you

Always keep an inhaler with you whenever you are moving out, especially if you have any respiratory disease. People having asthma and COPD should be very careful as risks of complications are higher for them. They are also at higher risk of getting infected with omicron or any other variant of corona virus. Inhalers can prevent them from breathlessness and problems associated with lungs. It could also save them from complications and increased risk of Omicron infection. 

6. Give Proper Rest

Another important way to have better immunity is to give body proper rest and sleep. Sleep can increase the recovery process in the body and hence could increase your immune strength. This can prevent you from falling for omicron variant of COVID-19. You also need to take proper sleep so that your body functions can work for efficiently which would reduce risk of severity. People need to give themselves break between work and give themselves proper mental rest as well.

7. Keep Diagnostic Kit of COVID-19

Self-diagnostic kit is now available in market to avail, keep it at your home at all times and test yourself whenever you feel symptoms of infection. The gives test kit is quite sufficient to tell about the tendency of infection and you must get tested if it comes positive. Isolate yourself as soon as you any symptoms and beware of the misinformation circulated. Talk to your doctor and expert to take necessary steps and medicines for prevention. Always keep paracetamol tablets and crocin tablets with you for reducing symptoms and probable infection.

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8. Keep a Check on Oxygen level

It is very important to know about the oxygen levels, it was one of the major concerns in delta strain of COVID-19. Corona virus results to breathlessness and blood oxygen levels dip below the normal levels to extent where you may have problem breathing. Do not ignore or wait for oxygen levels to dip to down. If the oxygen levels dip beyond 3% of normal oxygen levels which must be around 98%, then rush to the hospital as soon as possible. Do not take risk of getting oxygen cylinder at home until hospital beds are available.

Picture Credits-Pexels.com


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