7 Tips To Fight Cravings & Overeating During Winters

Eating too much in one sitting is common for many people, especially in winters. Here’s how you can stop yourself from going overboard.  

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2022-12-13 16:02

Most of the people who make their New Year's resolutions to get fit usually give up by February, if not sooner. The main reason why people are not able to keep up with their resolutions is because of their poor eating habits. The majority of them find it difficult to leave their seats until the last slice of pizza is finished. Also, during the winters, we tend to eat more because our body temperature drops and we need more food to keep warm. Over time, this eating leads to weight gain and increases the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

So, if you are looking for ways to keep up with your New Year's resolution and break the habit of overeating, here are seven techniques you can try.

Tips To Control cravings

Know Your Trigger Foods

We all have comfort foods that we enjoy bingeing on, especially when we're out with friends or having a bad day. Differentiating which foods cause overeating and avoiding them can help reduce the likelihood of bingeing. For example, if pizza is likely to set off a binge or episode of overeating, it's best to have brunch where they don't serve pizza. 

Overfeed On Protein

Protein should be a staple in your diet whether you are trying to gain or lose weight. The best thing about protein consumption is that it helps burn more calories than fat or carbs. Moreover, protein consumption aids in muscle recovery and growth.

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Avoid Elimination Diets

When we restrict ourselves to certain foods, we often crave and overeat. Dieters consume fewer calories as well as fewer vitamins and minerals that help control cravings. The best way to go about it is to eat more seasonal fruits, vegetables, and protein while limiting your intake of desserts, simple carbs, and sugary beverages.

Hydration Is Key

We eat and train properly, but the most important thing we overlook is hydration. Water is not only necessary for optimal metabolism, but it also aids in the removal of toxins. Moreover, a person can easily assist their hydration levels by checking the colour of their urine. If it's clear, you're fine; if it's too yellow, you should drink some water.

Breakfast Is Must

Our bodies need food first thing in the morning after fasting all night, and skipping breakfast can cause our internal processes to suffer. Moreover, having a proper breakfast prevents overeating at work or lunch. Peanut butter, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, yoghurt, smoothies, fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables are all good options for breakfast.

Limit Alcohol

Without a doubt, happy hours are appealing because they are light on the pocket, but are high in calories. Drinking alcohol dehydrates you, and most people associate it with hunger and they keep eating. So, the next time you're out having fun, make sure to drink water at regular intervals to avoid gaining weight.

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Choose Your Menu Wisely

Most of the time, we stick to our diets, but those unexpected Whatsapp plans can easily turn our low-calorie day into a high-calorie day. The best way to deal with this is to carry your meals or look for foods that are high in protein and low in unwanted calories.

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