7 Expert Tips To Protect Kids From Cold Weather

Cold can be prevented by taking up some lifestyle changes, know these tips by expert to keep your child safe.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2021-12-17 18:19

Winters are here and so is the risk of catching cold. As adults our body has better immunity and can resist cold in a better way but not in kids. Kids are more vulnerable to catch cold and viral infections in this season. Snorting, hacking, sniffing and coughing can be symptoms of common cold and flu infection. To prevent your child from falling ill, you need to take few precautions to avoid cold. These precautions not only include wearing more thermals but also some lifestyle changes that should be inherited in the winters to avoid problems. Let us check what doctor advises for children to keep them away from cold. 

How Can You Prevent Cold Weather?

It may sound a bit weird to avoid weather, because many people like this season. Having said that cold weather does increases the number of viral and bacterial infection in the air which can be transmitted to your children. Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow speaks about vulnerability of children towards cold weather.


He says that we do not realise often that in cold weather, you start getting a little headache or nausea. This is more evident in children because their systems are not so compatible to handle such extreme weather. Also other factors such as wind, dust particles and viruses are more in the lower layers of atmosphere because of which increases the tendency of catching cold.

Tips to Prevent Children from Cold Weather

1. Wash Hands Frequently

Hands are the most contagious places from where the infection can spread. Therefore washing hand of kids frequently is important so that they do not catch cold or any other infection. Another important factor is that in winters or cold weather, kids tend to run away from water and washing hands because it’s cold, on the other hand they touch too many objects as well. Therefore it becomes important to make them wash their hands at frequent intervals so that they do not catch cold.

2. Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer

In this period, where avoiding infections such as Corona virus is so tough, hand sanitizers are the only hope left. Normal hand sanitizers are unable to get rid of germs totally, hence it becomes important to use alcohol based hand sanitizers that provide with better protection. This also comes handy because at times you cannot wash hands or soap in not available, hence it becomes a vital support to avoid cold in the winter season. 

Tuck a small bottle of hand sanitizers in your kids bag as well and make sure they are gel based sanitizers. Gel based sanitizers could be safer for children’s use because it does not splashes in eyes of sensitive areas.

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3. Stay away from sneezes

Teach your children to cough or sneeze into their elbows rather than infecting the surrounding or their hands. This is for a simple reason that sneezing in your hands can re-infect you with viral infections and bacteria when you touch your face or any part of the body. Also covering your hands with elbows prevents the risk of spreading infection. If you use any tissue or handkerchief to collect cough or sneeze, then try to put them at wash or throw them away because keeping it with you can increase the chances of infection. 

4. Wipe down surfaces

Wipe down surfaces that are frequently used by kids, especially if they are feeling ill. This can prevent them from falling for severe infection or problems regularly. Wiping down any surfaces at your home is always better because kids tend to touch the floor with their hands very often. Also in case of toddlers floor and areas where toddlers play or keep their toys should be swept every few hours to minimize the risk of infections such as cold. In winters try to use disinfectant to avoid cold weather from catching your children.

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5. Do not share

Parents often share things and meals with their kids to make them eat of finish their remaining food. However this can actually increase the risk of getting cold. This is because using same cups, forks, spoon or plates can transmit bacterial infections such as cold to the children or from children to you. Hence it is always better to teach them to be selfish in these matters to remain fit. 

Keep a check on thermometers if anyone falls ill. Because putting the same thermometer for child as well as adults could increase the rate of infection. If you use saline sprays to relieve congestion, then take separate bottles so that they do not catch cold.

6. Vaccinate

Vaccination is an important step, especially in this times where new viral infections are emerging every new day. Cold and flu season could be very problematic for the children, hence take them for a flu shot to prevent them from getting cold. You may not be able to prevent against common cold by vaccination but it can certainly reduce risk of flu.

7. Keep kids away from Sick People

Mucus droplets that come out of an ill person can easily spread in the surrounding area and make your child sick. According to a study around 64% of parents allow their children to hug or kiss their children having cold or cough. This is very risky and your kids could also catch cold coming in mere contact with the person, hence try to avoid such situation.

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