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Freckles Prevention Tips: Here’s How You Can Prevent These Beauty Spots

From ways to avoid freckles to treating them and the reason behind their occurrence, here's everything you need to know about freckles.  

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Nov 17,2021
Updated at: Nov 17,2021

If a clear and spotless skin is your idea of beauty then those freckles could surely be a problem for you. In a world where the beauty and entertainment industry has taught us that clear skin means beautiful skin, this thing has been living rent free in our minds since then. People have started believing this fact to such an extent that they are n longer able to embrace their own beauty. Where all we can do is to tell you that those freckles on your face do look beautiful and make you unique, would it be enough to convince you to leave them alone. Well if not then we surely have something for you in the bag. Where freckles are not a kind of skin issue and are totally harmless. Although freckles are just light brown spots formed due to the cluster of cells that contain the melanin pigment in them. If you  do not like your freckles then you can surely blame your genes for that but one thing is for sure that they are not there since birth and eventually darken upon the sun exposure. Today where people are trying to fake freckles in order to look attractive, if you are someone who wants to get rid of your natural ones then this article is for you. From ways to avoid freckles to treating them and the reason behind their occurrence, know all about freckles from Dr. Jaishree Sharad, Board certified dermatologist, FAAD. 

What are freckles?

Before trying to treat or avoid something, it is always important to take a moment and know about that issue. Freckles are not another skin issue but just brown spots present in your skin particularly found in the areas that are exposed to the sun. The formation of these brown spots takes place due to the overproduction of melanin. Melanin being a pigmented compound responsible for providing colour to our skin and hair, makes these cell clusters look tan or light brown in colour. You would be surprised to know that there is not just one but two types of freckles that people might have which are -

Ephelides freckles

Image Credits- Faceim Dermatology

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Ephelides freckles are one of the most common kinds of freckles that people usually get due to sun exposure. Where it is not just the result of sun exposure but sun burns as well and hence can appear on anyone’s skin who hasn’t been protecting themselves well from that sun exposure. These freckles usually show up on the body parts that are exposed to the sunlight such as the back of your hands, face and the upper body. These freckles caused due to UV rays exposure is said to be more common in people with lighter skin tone. 

Solar lentigines

On the other hand, solar lentigines are characterised as the dark patches that get developed on the skin during adulthood and develop in the form of freckles, sun spots or even aging spots. In this situating the sun exposure tends to multiply the pigmented cells known as the melanocytes. Although this situation is seen more commonly in people above the age of 40 years but can sometimes be observed in young adults as well. 

Ways to Avoid Freckles

Where others embrace the beauty, people with freckles know about the real struggle and efforts that they have been putting to avoid them. These tan brown spots can be really stubborn and no matter how many DIYs you try to get rid of them, they will surely find their way back. Where many comercial brands out there claim that retinoid creams and fading creams can be helpful in reducing the appearance of these spots, but that isn’t entirely true. Here’s what Dr. Jaishree said while talking about the best treatment available for freckles- “There is no such best treatment for freckles. One needs to use a sunblock all the time as freckles do not just go away. Dermatologists do use Nd Yag Laser treatment in order to treat the issue of freckles as it is the only way which can make the freckles disappear. Although the laser treatment is also a temporary treatment as the sun exposure can make your freckles come back. It is better to embrace your freckles and to embrace them. One thing that you can do if you do not want them to increase or go darker is to follow the 2 finger sunscreen rule.” 

Although one can not make the freckles go disappear forever but can surely avoid them from getting darker or growing any further. Here are a few prevention tips that you can follow in order to avoid your freckles from growing darker and increasing any further.

#1. Sun protective Clothing

If you are someone who loves to wear those noodle strap tops and going sleeveless is your fashion idea then this could be quite disappointing for you but in order to avoid freckles you need to start wearing sun protective clothing. Let it be a full sleeves shirt or those long pants, you surely need to learn the ways to style them as they can come as a rescue in order to avoid those stubborn freckles. As these clothing articles tend to protect your skin from sun exposure to a certain extent, it can help you to prevent these freckles from going any darker.

#2. Sunscreen

When we say that sunscreen should be your best friend then we mean it. The harsh UV rays from the sun aren't meant for your skin and hence your skin should be protected from it at all costs. Although sunscreen wouldn’t help you to get rid of these tan brown spots but will surely help you to prevent the new ones. Opt for a sunscreen at isv SPF 30 or higher and apply it on the bare skin 15 minutes before stepping out. No matter what time of the year it is and how cloudy the sky is, sunscreen is a must.

Image Credits- Medical News Today

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It is not just before stepping out of the house when you need to lather on the sunscreen on your skin but even after indulging into activities such as swimming or after excessive sweating.

#3. Avoid Peak sun hours

Sun screen? Check. Sun protective clothing? Check. But is it really important to step out in the scorching heat when the sun is at its peak? To avoid your freckles from growing any further snd to prevent them from getting darker one thing you can do is to partially adapt the vampire behavior. Well by this what we mean is that if you are so concerned about your freckles then you should not step out in the sun at peak hours. Avoid the harsh sunlight and the harmful UV radiations can be of great help when it comes to freckles.

There are multiple freckle treatments available out there such as fading creams, laser treatment, cryosurgery, retinoids, photofacials, chemical peels and much more but the freckle prevention is said to be more effective than freckle removal. Where freckles are genetic and no one can change the DNA you have got, all you can do to minimize the appearance of these brown spots is to minimize your sun exposure. 

This Article is based upon Dr. Jaishree Sharad's post on her instagram handle.


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