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Tips to Pick the Best name for your baby

Most parents worry about what name they should give their new born, and it is indeed a very threatning question. But we have got you tips that can make this easier for you.

Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Mar 07,2014
Updated at: Jun 24,2014

Shakespeare had said, “What’s in a name?” But the truth is that there is a lot in a name, a person is identified with his or her name. Your name sticks to you for your lifetime, even if everything else seems to have disappeared. A new born baby is a gift that nature bestows upon a couple. Most often parents are at their wits end about what name to give their little one.



Getting the perfect name for your child can be a bit tricky as there are so many to choose from and after you have narrowed everything down you realise that there are pitfalls with each one of them. So, what should be the right name for your child? The first thing to do is to have patience and not grow so excited so as to give a name without thinking twice about it. Your child deserves a good name, and this responsibility solely depends on you. To avoid all possible catastrophes while naming your child here are some tips that we have brought for you to consider.

Do not Decide Beforehand

Let your baby be born first. You must never jump to the conclusion before seeing your little one staring at your eyes while resting on your arms. The reason is that in that moment when your child is staring at you, you would know what your child could be named. When you are holding your newborn in your arms and looking and admiring his or her gorgeous eyes and lovely smile you would get a sense of clarity. You will know what your little child can be called.

Matching with the Surname

It is very important for you to see that the name which you have decided upon suits with your surname. Lot of times we have seen that your child’s name does not go all that well with his or her surname and that can be a disaster. You should avoid first and last names that rhyme or something which is too similar. The first name should flow with the last name and not jar with it.

How popular is the Name

There are some names that are exceedingly popular, and you should be careful with them. Much like the English name Jack there is the Indian counterpart Rahul. These names are so common that if you shout out to your child’s name in a crowded market you will get at least ten responses. Also, people often like naming their children after famous celebrities which is again a cliché.

Write it down

Seeing is believing and so you must write your child’s full name down again and again and see how it looks. Pick out all the names that you had planned and write them down on a piece of paper and then see how they look, and which one looks the best.
See how the name would look when it is down on an official paper and find out if it is too long, or too short, or appears to be funny or is it unique enough.

The Name’s Character

Names often have a sort of character to it, and you should be looking at them as separate entities. See if the names sound nice on your child, call him or her repeatedly with the name and see how your child is responding to it. Try different names and call him or her out and figure out to which one is he or she responding the best. Also, you must try and imagine whether the name is appropriate for your child when he or she grows up to be an adult.

Now because your little one cannot decide for by himself or herself you should try and consult your partner about the name, and you must never decide it for yourself and be adamant on it. You could start by making a list of names at first.

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