7 Tips To Moisturize Dry Hair

Do you have dry hair? Here are seven tips to moisturize them naturally for silky and soft hair.

Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 23,2022
Updated at: May 23,2022

A lot of people have dry hair which makes their hair look frizzy and dull. Dry hair is not something that is caused all of a sudden but various factors lead to this condition. It may be genetic sometimes but that is a minor reason, major reasons being stress, untimely aging, pollution, excessive heat styling and poor hair care. All these make your scalp dry by eliminating moisture and hindering natural oil production, leading to dry hair. But this is not a permanent issue. You can easily overcome this problem by using some tips to keep hair moisturized. Scroll down to read them all.

How To Moisturize Hair Naturally At Home

Here are seven tips to moisturize your hair naturally. These do not require special ingredients but simple modifications that can bring stunning results.

Skip shampooing your hair daily

If you are habitual of shampooing or washing your hair daily, stop this habit right away. This could be one of the reasons behind your dry hair. Regular hair wash and shampoo strips off natural oil from the scalp which leaves it dry. 

In order to regain moisture, you must follow a hair wash routine which ideally should be 2-3 times shampoo in a week. Also, switch to a conditioning shampoo for better results.

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Get a shampoo for dry hair

Most brands are now offering products according to different concerns. You can do research for best dry hair shampoos and get one for yourself. These contain hydrating and conditioning agents that promote scalp moisturization. You can look for a shampoo with natural oils that can help lock moisture in the scalp, leaving behind smooth and silky hair.

Apply hair conditioner before swimming

Salty water or chlorinated water is highly damaging for your hair. In order to escape that, you must put layers of hair conditioner on your tresses before diving into the pool. This would help minimize the damaging effects of salt and chlorine on hair, retaining their natural moisture.

Try overnight deep conditioning

There are many people who cannot help but wash hair often along with heat styling and other things that make hair dry. For them, overnight hair conditioning is the best feasible option. All you need is a hair moisturizer homemade such as banana hair mask or a conditioning oil like coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. These are known to condition your tresses and scalp to promote hydration and moisturization. Do this twice a week to see favourable results within a few weeks only.

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Moisturize the ends too

Sometimes, people have dry hair but oily scalp. Yes, this sound weird but it is possible. Having oily scalp but brittle hair is possible and to combat that, you must focus more on moisturizing the ends of your hair. Applying conditioner at the ends and keeping it for sometime is the best way to condition the required part. If you condition your scalp, it will become over-nourished. So, condition where it is needed.

Avoid chemical products

If you have frizzy hair, chemicals can worsen their condition and make them dry. A lot of hair products especially styling products have chemicals in them that cause hair damage. If you use such products, limit their usage or avoid. Instead, switch to natural products that help in repairing hair cells for smooth and silky hair.

Layer hair products properly

Did you know you leave-in conditioners are supposed to be applied on damp and not wet hair? A lot of people think that leave-in conditioners are to be applied right after hair wash which is why they miss out on its benefits. To keep your tresses moisturized and safe from styling tools, slightly dampen your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner generously. This would bring you results.

Having dry hair is not a problem if you know what causes it. These are some simple yet effective remedies that can moisturize your hair and make them silky soft.

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