5 Tips To Cope With Fibromyalgia

People of any age and gender can get fibromyalgia. Here are five tips you can follow to cope with it.

Written by: Varun Verma Updated at: 2023-02-04 11:00

Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that makes the body delicate, painful, tired and sleep-deprived. Living with fibromyalgia can be challenging and entails learning to balance everything from work to parenting duties, housework, and recreation. You could have a sense of control, and improve your self-esteem and your quality of life by becoming more involved in getting a grip over your disease. People of any age and gender can get fibromyalgia, but women are more prone to get it than men. This generally starts in middle age and increases as people get older. Here are five tips you can follow to cope with fibromyalgia.


Doing regular exercise can help you significantly in dealing with fibromyalgia. It helps to relieve pain and fatigue. You can perform exercises like walking, swimming, water aerobics, and cycling. Other than these regimes, stretching and relaxation exercises are equally effective. You can also exercise to improve your balance and coordination. The use of resistance exercises can increase the levels of strength and fitness. In the beginning, you perform the exercises for short durations and increase them as you gain momentum. Ask your doctor about a fibromyalgia exercise programme or another form of supervised rehab if you have trouble standing up or even low-impact exercise is difficult for you. These programmes can help you gain more strength, flexibility, and endurance.

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Stress Management

Not just fibromyalgia, stress management helps limit various illnesses of the body. This is because much of your energy is lost when you are anxious, worried, or overwhelmed. Stress can also hamper your decision-making process. 

You should create a strategy to prevent or reduce emotional stress and overexertion. But try not to drastically alter your regimen. People who stop working or engaging in any activity fare worse than those who continue to do so.

Attempt stress-reduction strategies like deep breathing exercises or meditation. You can do it on your own once you learn how. You learn how to concentrate your thoughts constructively through mindfulness meditation. It might provide more pain relief the more you use it.


Improper and lack of sleep can cause fatigue which can complicate fibromyalgia. So having a good sleep is important to cope with fibromyalgia. In addition to allowing ample time for sleep, adopt healthy sleeping habits, including minimising naps during the day and waking up at regular times.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes are also associated with coping with fibromyalgia. Curtailing unhealthy foods and tobacco products should be the mantra. Also, you should limit the amount of caffeine you take daily. You should focus on eating nutrient-rich foods that give you more energy and nutrients. Consider getting your vitamin D levels checked, and if that is lacking, consult your doctor for a remedy.

Do Things In Moderation

Not to forget, moderation is the key when it comes to fibromyalgia. Whatever activity you do, ensure to do it in moderation. On your good days, moderation means avoiding overindulging, but it also means avoiding self-limitation or doing too little when your symptoms are at their worst.

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