Switching To Low-Purine Diet? Here Are Some Expert Tips You Should Consider First

Low-purine diet can some essential nutrients from your diet, know expert tips before switching to this diet.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jan 27,2022
Updated at: Jan 27,2022

People have different choices of food they eat; some are more towards healthy side, whereas some prefer regular heavy meals. There are also several diets available which people take up and have their nutrition intake accordingly. Low-purine diet is often recommended to people that have kidney stones of gout problems. Due to lack of information, some people end up making it regular part of their diet plan which can actually harm their health. It is also important to know whether it is necessary to switch to low-purine diet given the conditions you are in. Hence today we will be telling you some points to consider before going on Low-purine diet. We spoke to Ms. Shipa Singh, Clinical Nutrionist, Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to give some tips.

What is Low Purine Diet?

Low-purine diet consists of reduction from uric acid from your diet. According to nutritionist, low purine diet should not contain any food that has higher levels of uric acid in it such as red meat, some seafood, poultry products and dairy that is rich in purine. Uric acid formation actually decreases the ability to break down foods because of which there is accumulation of crystals in your joints that cause pain and inflammation. Hence people suffering from kidney stones or gout issues and kidney disorders are recommended to take this diet. But the fact is that in most cases, it is interim diet and not for regular purpose. 

Tips before switching to Low-Purine Diet

1. Decide if you really need low-purine diet

First you need to discuss with your doctor to know if you really need to shift to low-purine diet or regulating normal diet can be helpful. Low-purine diet can help top manage gout and kidney stones. Low-purine diet helps to manage kidney dysfunctions and can be quite tricky at times. This is because it cuts down most of your vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates from the diet. Hence it could affect your energy levels and other body functions to quite some extent. On the same hand following Mediterranean diet also helpful in reducing the risk of several health disorders. 

2. Low-purine food takes out most of the meat

Another point worth considering is that if you have attraction towards eating meat and need some high proteins in your body. Then that could be difficult with low-purine diet. If you are having kidney stones, then it is a different point, but otherwise this diet can irritate you. This is also applicable to Indians more precisely because majority of people have red meat and fish as seafood in non-vegetarian options. You can instead cut down your meat intake and regulate it with other dietary nutrients.

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3. Wholesome meals do not have bad influence

There is actually a possibility that if you to reduce production of uric acid in the body, it can be done through wholesome diet as well. It may not be as efficient as with low-purine diet but it can be helpful in the long run. Thus eating good food can prevent you from taking out some delicious meals in your plate. You can have these foods as part of your wholesome meal-

  • Low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Take eggs once in few days
  • Coffee
  • Potatoes 
  • Nuts in moderation
  • Whole fruits and vegetables

4. Choose Wine instead of Beer

If you relate to alcohol and have a habit of drinking, then you need to switch your drink. Wine is better in case of purine and makes lower amount of uric acid for the least. Beer on the other hand can be high-purine drink and needs to be strictly avoided. Small amount of uric acid also has a positive effect on your health as considering wine is had once in a while or at parties. 

5. Stop having Sardines

There are some foods which we eat regularly as part of the meals that need to stop. If you are going through a kidney disorder, stones our gout problem, then stop having sardines in your diet There foods include the following things-

  • Sardines and anchovies
  • Bacon
  • Oatmeal
  • Liver portion of meat
  • Beans
  • Dried peas

These foods have high amount of uric acid in them that can cause problem and increase kidney stones and gout inflammation. Although there are vegetables having high purine in them but does not increase uric acid production in the body to an extensive level. These vegetables include cauliflower, spinach and mushroom and therefore they can be taken in moderation.

6. Increase your Water Intake

It is very necessary to increase your water intake if you have any kind of kidney disorder, especially in case of kidney stones. Uric acid gets out of your body through urine and therefore drinking more water can help you decrease uric acid in the body as well as formation of stones. It does not let uric acid accumulate over joints or at any other place in the body. According to research of National Kidney Foundation, drinking 2-3 litres of water each day can reduce the risk of kidney and gout stones by 54 percent. 

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7. Low-purine diet is a temporary solution

Our body needs to have a balanced diet for all the functions to perform well. Low-purine diet is made for people going through some serious kidney disorder and gout disorder which needs immediate medical attention. Hence to cure that condition, low-purine diet is given as it increases the recovery process and prevents complications from happening. This diet is generally recommended for the period of time when the patients is having stones or other problems. After that, he can get back to normal diet which needs to have balance of all nutrients.

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