Third Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

The third trimester starts with the seventh month into pregnanacy. The hormone level during this period goes up and the woman gains six to seven kilos in this perriod.

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By seventh month of pregnancy, a woman may gain around six to seven kilos. Hormone level in this period shoots up and causes mood swings, fatigue and heartburn. In the first week of seventh month, there are chances of experiencing sciatic pain and infections. 

Due to the increased size of uterus, a mom-to-be may also experience breathlessness.  In the second week of seventh month, there are increased possibilities of preeclampsia. It is the time when ligaments and muscles relax for delivery and breasts get ready for lactation. By third week, a woman may develop constipation, her diet may increase and foetus’s growth may make it difficult to rest too long in a certain position. Frequency of urination also increases.

As the first month of third trimester of pregnancy ends, the prospective mother gains more weight, blood volume of her body rises and breasts starts lactating. Other common symptoms are gum bleeding, leg pain and insomnia.


Symptoms of Eighth Month

Uterus grows to five inches from the navel and the woman’s weight increases by 10 kilos. 

Baby kicks for more than 10 times in every two hours. Mom-to-be finds difficulty in breathing, walking and sleeping due to expanded uterus.  In the second month of third trimester, production of amniotic fluid rises and keeps on increasing until the end of eighth week.

Belly button becomes very sensitive and heartburn may be caused by the baby’s acid spit ups. A woman may find that her hands, feet and face have swelled. If the there is excessive swelling, she may have developed preeclampsia.

Urination will become frequent and there will be trouble in eating. She may also experience vaginal discomfort due to pressure of uterus, which grows 5.5 inches from the navel.

There is increase in Braxton Hicks Contractions. Other frequent symptoms are lethargy, restlessness, mood swings and sleep disturbance.

Symptoms of Ninth Month

In the last month of third trimester of pregnancy, lot of pressure can be felt in the lower abdomen because the baby prepares for delivery. As delivery is not too far, breast size of the mom-to-be increases.

Vaginal discharge and sleepless nights are some other common occurrences.  In the ninth month, there are possibilities of water retention. Baby movements also increase causing pain around pelvic and groin area. With every passing day, contractions will become frequent. Burning sensation may also be felt inside the vagina.

In the last week of pregnancy, the number of baby kicks increase and the woman will experience labour pain this week.

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