6 Things That You Should Avoid After A Botox Treatment

Here we have listed down a few things that one needs to avoid doing right after the botox treatment for effective results. 

Written by: Charu Sharma Updated at: 2021-12-30 11:09

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. People opt for this minimally-invasive treatment in order to reduce the appearance of signs of aging. The treatment gets its name from the botulinum toxin protein that is used for this treatment. In a world were everybody wants to retain that youthful glow, botox treatment has become a go-to option for many. Botox injections work by preventing the muscles from moving. This treatment is used to treat several other conditions such as chronic migraine, excessive sweating, overactive bladder, cervical dystonia and even depression. Getting under those needles to get a botox treatment can be an effective way of reducing the appearance of wrinkles but one needs to know the aftercare.

Listed below are few things that one needs to avoid doing right after the botox treatment to get effective results

#1. Don't massage your face

Massaging or rubbing your face right after a botox treatment is a big NO. It is alway recommended to leave your face alone and not to rub it for about a day after getting botox. This is because ripping onto your face vigorously or massaging it can cause the botox to move. This movement of botox might result in its effect in wrong regions of the face. Opting for a facial massage right after botox treatment can result in drooping eyelids and frown lines. Avoid touching your face repeatedly after a botox at least for 6-8 hours and do not engage yourself into facial massage for 24 hours.

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#2. Skip Alcohol

Although we would never recommend you to go out and drink alcohol any day, skipping on it after a botox is a necessary precaution. Consumption of alcohol leads to thinning of your blood. This blood thing tends to increase a person’s chances of bleeding and bruising after the injection. One must wait for about 24 hours after getting a botox treatment before stepping into the happy hour and party.

#3. Don’t workout

This might not sound to be the best advice for all the fitness freaks and gym lovers out there but it is what it is. One must avoid working out or indulging into heavy exercises after a botox treatment. A big workout can result in straining your facial muscles due to the stress and facial expressions. The strain caused can prevent the botox from settling into your nerves and muscles.

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Adding pressure to your face can cause the botox to migrate from the site it has been injected. 24 hours is said to be the ideal amount of time that one needs to wait for before exercising after getting a botox done. 

#4. Don’t get a Facial

No matter how much you love to get those facial sessions at the spa or however relaxing they might sound, going for a facial right after botox is not a good idea. Similar to a face massage, even facial treatments require exerting some pressure into the facial muscles. This pressure might result in the movement of botox from its original site. Not just this but the pressure exerted also becomes a determinant in the healing process.

#5. Don’t take a nap

If you are thinking about what harm can a relaxing nap do to you after getting the botox injections then this one's for you. It is always advised not to take a nap at least 4 hours after the botox treatment. This is so because botox takes some time to settle into the place. Taking a nap or lying on your face can result in exerting some extra pressure onto the facial muscles. Make sure that you keep your head elevated even after lying down so that the botox does not move. 

#6. Do not Ice your Face

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Icing can be a one stop solution for many when it comes to reducing the puffiness on the face. Where this trick is really effective and beneficial, one might restrain from doing so right after getting a botox. Your skin should not come in contact with extreme temperatures such as hot and cold right after the treatment.


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