These 6 Makeup Tips From This Leading Makeup Artist Are Sure To Solve All Your Makeup Queries

There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to makeup, but it is all about understanding your face structure to look perfect with makeup

Written by: Vani Malik Updated at: 2020-09-15 15:52

Mask, or no mask, one thing that will remain a constant is makeup. No matter how harsh the sun is or how black the clouds are, stepping out without makeup is never a possibility for most of the ladies. But do you know a maximum of people have incredibly wrong concepts when it comes to makeup? The best way is to follow a step-by-step makeup approach to understand what’s right and what’s wrong in makeup. Also, what adds to the chaos is if the concealer comes first or a corrector? 

To solve all of these queries, here we have with us the leading makeup artist Samaira Sandhu

Cleanse The Skin

This should be followed as a golden rule that no makeup should be applied to the skin without cleansing the skin. Putting any layer of makeup without cleansing the skin can lead to clogging of pores and more breakouts and acne on the face. Hence, the first step for any skin type is to cleanser the face with a face wash and cleanser to ensure that the face is a clean slate for the application of makeup. 

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Moisturizing Is Must 

Cleansing is not enough to ensure that the skin is free from any damage. Not applying any moisturizer or cream before applying a base of makeup is as lethal as not removing makeup before sleeping. If you think monsoon means less moisturizing, then you are mistaken as using any makeup product on dry skin can lead to severe dry patches. Make sure that the moisturizer you chose is as per your skin type. Just a tip, those with excessively oily skin can only apply a primer before makeup and skip a traditional moisturizer. 

Concealer Is Essential Too 

After applying a moisturizer, look for a concealer that matches your skin tone. Those with dark circles should never skip using a concealer. Those with very prominent dark circles should opt for an orange corrector too before using a concealer. Many people skip using a concealer that it is an added and unnecessary step in makeup application. But not applying a concealer can lead to highlighted dark circles even after using a foundation too. 

Use A Light Foundation 

Most people directly reach to the foundation but skipping the steps mentioned above can lead to cakey foundation and lesser coverage on the face too. Hence, pick the right shade of foundation, which is closest to your original skin tone for a fresh makeup look. Therefore, opt for a fluid foundation and apply a thin layer to let your skin breathe too. 

Colour The Lips & Eyes 

It is always a personal choice for anyone to opt for their preferred colours for their lips and eyes. But do not forget to remember one thing, if the eyes are bold, let your lips breathe freely, and vice versa. Also, if the function is such that requires heavy makeup, with some eye colour, kajal, do not forget to work on the lashes too. Make sure that you conceal your eyelids also for a smooth canvas for the eyeshadow to spread evenly. 

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Keep The Cheeks Flushed & Light 

We surely do not want anyone to look like a clown with a lot of makeup on the face. The best mantra to follow is, the light it is, the better it looks! Hence, if you have focused more on the eyes, then do not forget to go light on the cheeks. If not a cheek blush, you can also use a light gloss or just an illuminator too.

Last but not least, every face is different and skin too. Hence, do not blindly follow makeup videos for colours and shades. Experiment on your skin and see what suits you best!  

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