5 Ayurvedic Remedies To Remove Skin Tan Naturally At Home

Skin tan can be removed using natural ayurvedic remedies; here are some remedies you can try.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-02-03 15:40

Getting some sun in winters is so relaxing but it is not so much in summers. Whatever the weather condition maybe, it is obvious to get out in sun and get exposed to sunlight. In this process you get affected with harmful UV rays that make your skin look dull. UV radiation is very evident when you look at the difference in skin colour where sunlight was directly exposed and parts where it could not. This condition is called skin tanning. It is very common and there are various methods to treat it. People usually use creams and ointments to treat skin tans but there are even more pure and natural way of doing it. Ayurveda suggests some home remedies that could help you get rid of skin tans. Let us look at those remedies today.

How Ayurveda helps to remove skin tan?

Well there are few natural healing agents that we use in our daily life that can aid in healing skin tans. Ayurveda mentions turmeric, saffron, sugar and nut based oils to be beneficial to remove skin tans. This skin problem could be sought out by making some natural healthy mixtures for your skin which you can apply on tanned areas to remove the skin tan. This could be healthy and beneficial for your body. Here are some natural remedies you must try.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Remove Skin Tan

1. Lemon Juice and Honey 

Lemon juice has bleaching effect on the skin that helps to remove the tan very quickly. It also contains vitamin C that could be a very good tan removal agent. Lemon also contains citric acid that could be beneficial for your skin and lightens the marks of skin tan instantly. Honey needs to be added to create a good base and provide other health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and healing properties. 

To apply it, you need to squeeze a fresh lemon in the honey and mix it well. Now apply it on the skin where the tanning has occurred. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with a mild cleanser. Do not apply it on your face or skin for too long if you have an oily skin.

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2. Coconut Milk

It is a natural remedy and is used often in weddings to increase glow on the skin. Coconut milk can help you de-tan your skin and can provide you with benefits. It is very popular in Ayurveda to provide clean and nourishing skin. It elevates skin colour and removes tanning in a quick while. The oil treatment has also been formulated with natural herbs in then processed in coconut milk or sesame oil.

You can apply this on the cotton ball in fresh and organic milk. It could be beneficial for the skin when applied all over the face. Let it absorb one your skin and get dry. Then you need to wash it off with a mild cleanser. 

3. Oatmeal and Buttermilk for Tan Removal

Tan removal is very important, and some oatmeal and buttermilk can help you do so. This is a mix of ayurvedic remedies and modern remedy. Buttermilk is very beneficial for the skin and can help to remove tan caused by UV rays. Oatmeal contains exfoliating agents and skin cleansers that can be useful. Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid and can aid in removing tan, softness and improve skin tone. 

To apply this on your skin, you need to soak 2 teaspoon of oats in half cup of water for 5 minutes. Not add 2-3 teaspoon of fresh and plain buttermilk, mix it well. Add some honey if you wish to make the pack more moisturising and dense. Now apply it on the skin tan and keep it for few minutes. Then wash the mixture after that.

4. Use Ayurvedic De-tan oil

There is also special oil in Ayurveda which is made from extracts of peepal tree. This has rich source of vitamin K that helps to remove skin tan. Ayurvedic de-tanning oil can benefit your blood capillaries and minimize the ski inflammation. Ayurvedic tanning can also be useful to heal bruises and increase skin resilience. 

It is very easy to apply it. You just need to put the oil in your palms, rub it a bit and then apply it on your face or part that has been exposed to skin tan. Now massage your face in circular motion till the ayurvedic oil is fully absorbed in the skin. 

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5. Apply Saffron Milk 

Saffron is a traditional ingredient that is used to enhance the skin and provide glowing and rich skin texture. Skin tanning can also be sought out with the help of saffron and milk. For this you need to soak saffron in milk for some time, then dab it on your skin where the tanning has occurred. This will moisturise your skin and help to improve skin problems as well. It can also treat skin problems such as dark circles, pimples, skin acnes and darkened skin.

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