5 Reasons Why You Must Use Silk Scrunchies To Tie Your Hair

Get yourself some silk scrunchies to tie hair and reap many benefits that these provide. Read all the benefits of using silk scrunchies for hair here.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-04-10 10:00

If you are someone who cannot keep hair open all the time, you must invest in some good quality scrunchies. These are elastic bands made with fabric to not cause friction while keeping the hair tight and secure. Scrunchies are very handy when it comes to tying hair anytime anywhere. This type of band is perfect for loose tying hair and keeping them in place without pulling away hair from roots. There are many varieties of scrunchies you can find in the market the most popular being silk scrunchies. Made with silk, satin or mulmul cloth, these are great for your hair and also enhances the look. However, silk scrunchies benefits are vast that you can read by scrolling down.

Silk scrunchies for hair benefits

Here we have listed five best benefits of using silk scrunchies for hair that can help you choose better for your mane. 

Silk scrunchies for hair cause no pain

If you love high ponytails but frustrated with the pain that comes with it, switch to scrunchies. These will keep your hair tied without causing pain. Yes, it is because their outer covering is of silk cloth that is known for softness. As compared to other typical rubber bands, hair clips, etc. A silk scrunchy would be very very less problematic. you can even put them over a bun to give it an edgy look. Silk scrunchies for hair are indeed blessings for people who easily get headaches. In short, scrunchies follow no pain only gain policy.

Reduce hair fall

It is seen that tying your hair tightly causes a lot of hair breakage. In most cases, that is because of the rubber band you use to tie your hair. Why not switch to silk scrunchies and see if the hair fall and breakage halts. It is a proven solution as silk is the mot soft thing on the planet and it will reduce hair friction leading to less damage.

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Prevents sweaty scalp

Summers are here and so it sweaty scalp problem. Those who sweat a lot and suffer acute itching in the scalp must give silk scrunchies a try. Whether you are going to work or walk or gym, secure your hair with silk scrunchies as this fabric is known for great absorbing properties. This would refrain hair from getting sweaty and wet, thereby reducing summer itch, sounds good?

Scrunchies lock moisture in hair

Silk and satin scrunchies are found to lock moisture in hair especially during dry season. Thus, they are safe from damage caused due to loss or moisture or dryness. If you keep scrunchies clean and wash them regularly, the risk of scalp infection also reduces. Is there any other rubber band that could do so much?

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Great for long hours

If you know you need to keep hair tied for long hours, silk scrunchies are the best bet. They won’t cause friction, they won’t be painful, they won’t capture sweat, they won’t feel heavy on your head! So many reasons why you must keep some silk scrunchies handy with you.


You must have heard that sleeping with silk pillowcase is great to keep hair healthy and prevent breakage. We can expect the same with using silk scrunchies for hair. If you keep your hair tied while sleeping, you should tame your hair with a silk scrunchy. It will secure them and keep in place while you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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