6 Secret Side Effects Of Missing Breakfast

Skipping breakfast has severe adverse effects on both your mind and body. Read ahead to know its side effects.

Written by: Tanya SrivastavaPublished at: May 23,2022
Updated at: May 23,2022

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you must already know it. However, with corporate life hovering over our heads having breakfast tends to get undoable on several days. The millennial especially are always on a run in the morning. With a lit night life and the lifestyle otherwise also, breakfast take the toll. There could be many reasons for this misdoing but a few prime ones are laziness, not having enough time or wanting to spend some extra time in bed.

OnlyMyHealth spoke to 10 young people aging from 20-35 years, and 7 out of 10 miss their breakfast on most days. These people break their fast around lunch time. Studies prove that when we sleep, our body and mind shuts down but functions just as normal. Therefore, after a 6 to 8 hours of sleep where the body get no water or food, it is quintessential to east nutritious breakfast. Skipping breakfast not only lacks our body in nutrition that affects immediately but it also causes severe and long term ailments. Here are a few things demerits that you should know if you are frequent at skipping your breakfast.

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Side Effects Of Missing Breakfast

1. Home For Diseases

When the body lacks in the nutrition value it becomes the adobe for several health diseases. A few research also proves that people who skip breakfast are at a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes, and also obesity because of insulin resistance and hormone regulation. It is also likely that the person is at an increased risk for heart diseases like strokes or attacks and even hypertension.

2. Body Lacks Essential Nutrients

Breakfast is that meal of the day that provides nutrition to the body after a long break of 6 to 8 hours (sometimes even longer). Therefore, skipping breakfast may increase that duration which makes the body deprive of the over due food and nutrition. Include food items that are high in fiber and protein. It is important that you eat even if it is in a small portion. 

3. Shivers Blood Sugar Levels

Not consuming breakfast can affect a person's blood sugar levels that may aggravate hunger and even anger. There is a correlation between blood sugar levels and our mood. When blood sugars drop, the mood will also be affected leaving a person irritated and cranky most times. Therefore, to keep the energy level at par, it is important to have a wholesome breakfast.

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4. Wakes Metabolism Up

The person who eats a wholesome breakfast is likely to burn more calories that someone who does not. Although, these calories wont burn themselves. Thereby, this activity makes a person even fitter by improving body's metabolism. Breaking the common notion that skipping breakfast will help in losing weight, one may understand the importance of having a healthy breakfast. 

5. Cravings For Unhealthy Food

No breakfast at all means no energy for the body. With zero nutrients going to the brain since dinner the night before, the body starts craving food which often times is unhealthy out of hunger. Eating a wholesome breakfast is the best way to front-load your day with nutrients and wake you up better and quicker.

6. Immunity Goes Down 

When a person skips breakfast, it lowers their immunity which make it difficult for the body to tackle and fight with viruses. Therefore, in order to maintain healthy levels of immune cells in the body that fights with infections and improves the action of fighter cells which in medical terms is known as the T-cells.

Now you know that skipping breakfast has adverse effects on both your mind and body. Therefore, it is suggested to never skip one. Additionally, drink water as soon as you wake up to hydrated the lacked water in the body. Incorporate fruits in your breakfast and add anything that works for you just don't laze around to skip one. You do you!


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