Do Not Overconsume Giloy as It Can Cause These Side Effects

Most people think that giloy is only beneficial as they do not know about the potential side-effects of overconsuming giloy.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2021-07-12 12:14

During the covid pandemic situation, people have suddenly got inclined towards Ayurveda to boost their immunity and protect against the lethal virus. Many Ayurvedic herbs were listed down that are potentially able in securing health and keeping infections and illnesses at bay, Giloy being one of them. This is an easily available plant with innumerable health benefits. As soon as people came to know about this herb for covid prevention, they started to take it thoughtlessly. Even today, many people don’t know the right dosage for giloy which is making them susceptible to side-effects of overconsumption of giloy. Yes, this potent herb can be bad too! If you consume giloy every now and then, you must read these ill-effects of giloy overconsumption.

Side Effects of Giloy

According to Ayurvedacharya Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda- "Almost 70 per cent of the Indian population consumed Giloy in some form during Covid-19. It has been part of clinical trials conducted by various Ayurvedic institutions. If the herb had any adverse effect, then it would have been noticed. In one study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, it was found that both Giloy (Tinaspora cordifolia) and turmeric (Curcuma longa) are hepato-protective in patients who were taking anti-tuberculosis treatment.”

“Ayurveda has mentions of the immense health benefits of giloy in various in conditions like constipation, indigestion, fever, jaundice, liver issues, fatigue, burning sensation of hands and feet, etc. However, I would like to suggest against self-medication and always take any herb after consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor," he added.

Let us tell you the potential health dangers of giloy.


Have you noticed that you take frequent trips to the loo after you consume giloy multiple times or in large quantities? Many people complain that giloy doesn’t suit them but it could actually be the overconsumption of giloy. This herb is linked with better digestion, however, if you take it extra than what is suggested, it can hamper your digestive health. If you experience changes in bowel movements, you know what to do. Stop giloy consumption until your digestive health is restored. Also, consult a doctor if you suffer extreme complications.

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Autoimmune Diseases

We need not emphasize the immune-boosting properties of giloy but we must tell you that it has the potential to trigger autoimmune diseases. This is because when you consume it more than the advised dosage, it can over-stimulate your immune system which can invite autoimmune diseases. Also, people who are suffering from autoimmune diseases such as arthritis must avoid its consumption to prevent the worsening of the condition.

Reduction in blood pressure

Blood pressure patients are strictly asked to not consume giloy. Those who have fluctuating blood pressure problem may have giloy but in regulated amounts and that too after consulting your doctor. This helps in keeping complications at bay. Also, if you are about to undergo a treatment or surgery, prohibit the consumption of giloy because it can alter your blood pressure that can create problems during the treatment.

Lower blood sugar levels

Experts also advise diabetes patients to not consume giloy as it is found to affect blood sugar levels. Many people consume giloy on a regular basis but in unregulated amounts and later, experience symptoms of low blood sugar levels. This is because giloy can bring down blood sugar levels. Those who take sugar medicines can experience a drastic fall in their blood sugar level that can be life-threatening for them. Thus, doctor consultation is a must.

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Harmful for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, it is better to avoid giloy and search for other immunity-boosting herbs that are safe for pregnancy. There is no scientific evidence that establishes benefits of taking Giloy during pregnancy and so, keeping in mind the possible side-effects, it must be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Giloy is undoubtedly a might Ayurvedic herb but we should not neglect the potential harm it can do to your health and body. We hope this article helped you in understanding the circumstances where giloy consumption should be avoided. Consult your doctor to know what is the right dosage of giloy as per your health condition.

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