Did You Know About These Risks Of Reheating Cooking Oil? Check Out Risks And Ways To Avoid It

Majority of times cooking oil is reused in food junctions, check out risks and ways to avoid it

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 18,2022
Updated at: May 18,2022

Have you ever eaten anything on a food stall near the roadside which tastes so yummy? I bet you have, but do you know the secret to that delicious mouthwatering food? It is the oil that is used and reused for making that food items deep fried. This same oil is used on these food stalls and places over multiple time where they lose most of the ingredients, and there are just flat calories that make you obese. Reheating cooking oil over again could raise the cholesterol levels and could cause different problems associated with different organs. Let us know side-effects it can cause on your health and tips to prevent using this oil.  

What happens when you Reheat Cooking Oil? 

Have you ever paid attention to cooking oil when it turns dark brown, reddish or even black color? This happens when the food is reheated over multiple times and results to darkish color because the oil burns continuously. We spoke to Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to know about downsides of reheating cooking oil. Reuse of cooking oil actually kills all the good qualities of the oil and results to poor meal prepping. This common kitchen practice, which mostly happens in restaurants, food joints, and stalls causes inflammation in the body and leads to a number of health issues.  

Risks of Consuming Reheated Cooking Oil 

1. It makes oil more carcinogenic 

As you hear the term carcinogenic, you remember something that is related to cancer. There have been ample number of searches that indicate reheating of cooking oil could cause cancer symptoms. Cooking food that is made. Using cooking oil could increase free radicals in the body, which leads to inflammation. The toxic elements present in re-used cooking oils, could cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes. High amount of inflammation could also reduce immunity and make you prone to different kinds of infections. 

2. Increases LDL cholesterol 

If you see food cook being cooked in black smoke oil which is being used and related throughout the day, then it is surely going to increase your LDL cholesterol levels. Indian Albert cholesterol could increase risk of heart disease, stroke and chest pain. You need to avoid reusing a cooking oil if you want a healthy life without too many health complications. 

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3. More Acidity 

If you have a feeling of constant burning sensation in your stomach and throat, then this could be because of reheating cooking oil. Bad cooking oil could be the main culprit behind any kind of acidity that could harm your health. Deep fried food could result to bad experiences, reduce appetite and cause pain in the stomach from time to time. It is best to avoid junk food and deep-fried food often. 

How to Avoid Reheated Cooking Oil? 

1. Eat home-cooked food 

One of the best ways to reduce intake of fresh and healthy food is to rely of home cooked meals. You will surely notice a change in your health status once you switch to home food made in fresh oil and less fried. Home cooked meals also provide you with balanced diet which contains proteins, fiber, carbs and healthy fats in them. This could even result to weight loss and can avoid health risks that could be caused because of reheated cooking oil. 

2. Cook Food in Small Quantities 

This could provide you with an effective way to reduce your excess cooking oil. Calculate the amount of food that you require in order to prepare the meal for given people. This will avoid food wastage. Cooking fresh food also reduces the risk of inflammation in the body. Eating in limited quantity can also help control proportion and affect weight loss. 

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3. Prepare food from home while travelling 

One major demerits of travelling are that you tend to eat fast food or junk food on the way. This might contain many unnecessary calories and food made of reheated oil at most points. Reducing the amount of calories from fast food and carrying home cooked meals to the place can have a big positive impact on your health.  

This should also be the case when you are going to office and to nearby places. This will help you keep your weight loss journey in place and have health benefits. 

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