Fitness Regime In 30s: Dos And Don'ts

Weight gain and hormonal imbalances after the age of 30 can be treated by incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

Written by: Ishaan Arora Updated at: 2023-03-24 10:59

One of the best things that you can do for yourself in your 30s is start working out. Constant desk work often led people to skip their gym sessions and they also don't find anything wrong. The problem arises when a person reaches the age of 30 and begins to have difficulty climbing stairs and their body begins to accumulate fat. What happens is that after the age of 30, several hormonal changes occur that have an impact on a person's health. Slower metabolism and rapid weight gain are common occurrences after the age of 30 but can be taken care of if a person starts exercising. 

So, if you're new to working out or trying to work out in your 30s, let's start by understanding what to focus on and what mistakes to avoid.

Fitness Goal In Your 30s

If you are someone who only walks for the sake of physical activity and has never lifted weights in your life, it is time to get started. Many people avoid weight lifting because they believe it will make them bulky, but weight lifting helps build muscle, which boosts metabolism. Weight lifting is also a great way to gain strength while avoiding bodily pain. The only thing to remember is that before lifting weights, you should check your body's mobility because you may have stiff muscle groups, which can cause injury. The other best way is to start doing bodyweight workouts, which are a great substitute for weights and help with muscle building and calorie burning.

Fitness Mistakes To Avoid In the 30s

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Don't Get Obsessed With Your Body Weight

We have been taught for years that body weight is the criterion for judging someone's fitness level, which is not true. Assume there are two people: one who is overweight and one who is underweight. The overweight person has more strength and the ability to run fast and the underweight person has no stamina. Who is fitter? Obviously, the person who can move their body more quickly. Similarly, your goal in your 30s should be to focus on strength and muscle building. Don't be concerned if the scale rises; some weight gain at the age of 30 is normal.

Avoid Supplements

One thing that everyone is interested in is supplements. Supplements are said to improve performance by increasing recovery. The thing about supplements is that they were created for athletes who spend all of their time on the field. A typical person who works for no more than one hour per day can easily recover from real food and a good night's sleep. So, if someone sells you a supplement and claims it can transform you overnight, don't believe them because overnight transformation is a myth.

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Stay Away From Overtraining

Training for long periods and sweating is acceptable when you are young and familiar with the basics of nutrition and exercise. When starting to exercise for the first time in your 30s, aim for no more than 30 minutes per day for the first few weeks. Once your body gets accustomed to the wear and tear, you can gradually increase the workout time.

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