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Reactive Arthritis: Know About Symptoms And Causes For This Type Of Arthritis

Reactive arthritis is another form of arthritis that can trouble you. Here are symptoms and causes you must know about.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Nov 21,2021
Updated at: Nov 21,2021

Arthritis is a serious issue which troubles thousands of people on a regular basis. There are different types of arthritis that affect different areas of the body. Arthritis cause serious pain in the region and its get tough to use that part or organ in which arthritis has occurred. One type of arthritis amongst them is reactive arthritis, which occurs in knees and joints but its infections triggers other parts of the body as well. Reactive arthritis is not so common but it can affect you at various levels for which you need to remain prepared. Therefore today we will know about this disease to be aware of it and prevent it in any way possible.

What is Reactive Arthritis?

We have Dr. RK Chaturvedi, Consultant in Department of Orthopaedic Surgery from Max Superspeciality Hospital, Kanpur to tell us more about reactive arthritis. He said that in simple words, reactive arthritis is a condition in which joint pain or swelling is triggered by infection which is caused in different regions inside the body. It usually targets urinary tract, intestines and genitals. Reactive arthritis is not so common type of arthritis and occurs only in serious cases where arthritis becomes inflamed and reaches eyes, skin and urethra. This is an autoimmune disease that can be treated in most cases. However, the infection of arthritis does not develop in most cases once this infection is treated. 

Symptoms of Reactive Arthritis

According to National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Skin Diseases, men are at higher risk of developing this type of arthritis in comparison to woman. Mostly men over the age of 30 years are more likely to fall for reactive arthritis. Symptoms of reactive arthritis depend on the area where the arthritis has taken place. Hence here are symptoms depending on distinct places of arthritis.

1. Urinary System- In arthritis, urethritis causes urinary symptoms to occur. In this condition, the tube that is responsible for carrying urine out of the body gets inflamed. Because of this situation, it causes burning sensation and pain during urination. It also makes a person urge to urinate more often and he may go to empty his bladder 7-8 times in a day.

This condition results to prostatitis, which is a form of reactive arthritis. Inflammation of prostate gland is also connected to this problem. Women have inflammation in their cervix in similar way which is also a symptom of reactive arthritis. In reactive arthritis, you may feel symptoms as follows-

  • Burning sensation while urination
  • Pain during passing urine
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Pain in stomach

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2. Musculoskeletal System

Symptoms of reactive arthritis is musculoskeletal system are very common. It majorly causes two symptoms which are pain in swelling when arthritis occurs. In reactive arthritis, most common joints that get affected are knees, ankles, and joints of pelvis. You may experience these symptoms are a part of reactive arthritis in this given region-

  • Joint pain
  • Tightness
  • Swelling in fingers, back and maybe buttocks
  • Irritation during walking, sleeping or sitting

3. Eyes and skin

If reactive arthritis occurs on the eyes or on the skin near mouth or any other part, it may lead to problematic consequences. It is quite difficult to cure as well as bear with problems that are near the eyes and hence it is better to get treatment to stop symptoms from growing. Here are the symptoms that are usually evident during reactive arthritis near eyes and skin.

  • Pain itching
  • Discharge from eyes or affected skin
  • Having conjunctivitis
  • Skin rashes
  • Sore feet
  • Mouth sores

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What Causes Reactive Arthritis?

The most common cause of reactive arthritis is due to bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are associated with certain types of problems which has Chlamydia trachomatis. This type of bacterial infection can only spread through sexual contact with another person. Not by touching or coming in contact with the person in general.

Bacteria that cause food poisoning can also create reactive arthritis which can be a factor for worry as well. These bacteria are shigella and salmonella. Another cause because of which reactive arthritis occurs is because of genetics. If there is a person in your family who has had this problem earlier, then there are chances that it might occur to you as well. Hence it is important to be aware of all the situations and problems that come forward.

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