BEWARE! These Protein-Rich Foods Can Cause Weight Gain

Can these five protein-rich foods cause weight gain? How much protein should be taken daily to lose weight?

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-08-06 13:10

Protein-Rich Foods May Make You Gain Weight: Every diet expert states that protein is essential for us. Proteins are nutrients, which are necessary for building muscle and are also helpful in weight loss. But not every protein needs to be beneficial in reducing weight. Yes, while consuming protein, you should know how much protein you need. Due to the appetite control properties, we think that consuming more protein can result in weight loss. However, this is not true because balancing all the nutrients is essential to keep you healthy. Many pieces of research have proved that people who consume 25% to 30% per cent calories through lean protein can reduce more body fat. Overweight and obese women, whose diet includes more protein and dairy products, can reduce their excess fat.

Now the question arises, how much protein should be taken daily to lose weight? So if you too often ask people the same problem then firstly you should examine your body. It would be best if you consume protein per kg, i.e. 0.8 (less than one) grams per kilogram in proportion to your weight. So by calculating your weight, you can get an idea of how much protein you should take in a day. If you are also going to include protein in your diet to lose weight, then it is necessary to keep in mind that some protein diets increase weight (instead of losing weight). So let's tell you, what are the protein-rich foods that are unhealthy as well as leads to weight gain. 

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Protein-rich foods that may be fattening and unhealthy:

  • Peanuts: According to USDA data, 100 (one hundred) grams of groundnut contains 26 (twenty-six) grams of protein. But at the same time, fats and calories are also very high in peanuts. So if you want to eat peanuts then eat only a handful. And do not get addicted to it as it can cause weight gain. According to USDA data, 100 (one hundred) grams of groundnut contains 26 (twenty-six) grams of protein.
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  • Packaged Yogurt: Protein is high in packaged yoghurt. But even eating it daily is not good. Because it can contain preservatives and added sugar, along with this, they can also have artificial flavours which makes them an unhealthy option. It is better that you eat yoghurt preserved at home.
  • Protein Bars: Many people often eat protein bars when they are not getting something healthy. But protein bars also contain added sugar, trans fat and preservatives, which can be harmful to your health. And do you know, it can drain all your hard work done in the gym?

  • Processed Cheese: Cheese contains the right amount of protein. But for this, it is crucial to know what kind of cheese you are taking. Do not include processed stuff in your diet, as it can increase your weight.
  • Protein Shakes: Protein shakes are mostly taken after workouts but may contain a significant amount of sugar. So, if you want to make a protein shake, first check its labels and ingredients.

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