5 Potential Reasons Behind Premature Hair Greying

Premature greying of hair can occur at a young age. These five reasons are responsible for your premature white hair. Read on.

Written by: Varun Verma Updated at: 2022-11-10 17:51

Having grey hair is not uncommon. It is one of the many effects that come with ageing. Irrespective of your hair colour, it is natural that it could turn grey as you age. But people stress out when they find their hair turning grey prematurely. Mainstream beauty standards often associate the quality and condition of hair with health and personality. And premature greying is generally looked at with fear. So they turn towards different methods to get back their shiny black hair. But instead of finding aesthetic solutions to the occurrence, people need to figure out why they are greying prematurely.

What Gives Colour to Hair?

Hair follicles contain a number of pigment cells. These cells make a chemical, known as melanin. It is the melanin that is responsible for imparting different colours to your hair, say red, black, or brown. It is important to note that melanin is the same chemical that provides colour to the skin. The dark or light colour of your hair is determined by how much melanin each strand contains.

These five reasons are responsible for your premature white hair.

Your Genetic Makeup

One of the most important factors that determine whether you will have white hair or not is your genetic makeup. There is a high chance you have grey hair at a young age if your parents or grandparents developed the same at an early age.

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High Stress

Stress is the reason behind many health issues including sleeping problems, and high blood pressure. Your hair may be turning white because of the amount of stress you are taking. A study published in the journal Nature in 2013 found a link between stress and the depletion of stem cells in the hair follicles of mice.

Autoimmune Disease

Apart from genes and stress, prevailing autoimmune diseases can also lead to premature grey hair. In these cases, the body’s immune system starts attacking its own cells. A person can experience inflammation in the body, and loss of pigmentation.

Thyroid Disorder

This is another medical condition that can affect the pigmentation of hair follicles. Any malfunction in the activity of the thyroid gland can affect melanin production. Problems like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause hormonal imbalance that may lead to premature white hair.

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Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

White or grey hair at a young age is a very good indicator of vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B-12 not only provides us with energy but also plays an important role in hair growth and colour.

Can You Prevent White Hair? 

The prevention depends upon the cause of the prematurely greying of hair. In cases when your genes are the reason for your grey hair, you cannot do anything to reverse the pigmentation of your hair. If your health condition is responsible for it, an immediate doctor’s consultation is needed. Treating underlying health conditions may return the pigmentation, but results are not guaranteed.

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