Pregnancy Week 28 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

Pregnancy week 28 is a time when your baby’s organs are well formed. Your condition resurfaces symptoms experienced in the first trimester. Scan on.

Written by: Ariba Khaliq Updated at: 2018-07-20 14:04

After being 28 weeks pregnant, you are well into the third semester. The weight gain will happen at an increased rate now and you will need to go to your doctor more frequently. 

This is the last leg of pregnancy and if you are considered to be at high risk, more sonograms and appointments with doctor become necessary. It is time to seriously consider prenatal classes if you have not enrolled yourself already. In these, you are told about what to expect in the last part of pregnancy. These classes help to unburden you from all the worries of the coming days.

Body Changes in Pregnancy Week 28 – What to Expect?

At this stage of pregnancy, Nausea and vomiting disappear. The pressure of the uterus can cause more heartburns than you already have. 

Constipation may also result from the pressure put by the baby on the lower colon. With the advance of pregnancy, more weight gain is seen which will make you more tired. 

The breasts are still increasing as they prepare for lactation. You would have gained 17 to 24 pounds by now.

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The pregnancy symptoms experienced in the first trimester such as inability to sleep, frequent urination and possibility of haemorrhoids, resurface in this last stage. If you find that your baby is not in the correct position for delivery, there is no need to panic. 

There is enough time for it to shift its head in the right direction. Irritating conditions such as headaches, backaches, itching and heartburn increase. These are minor impediments in your pregnancy week by week development.

Baby’s Development in Pregnancy Week 28

The baby is around 16 inches long at this stage of pregnancy and weighs about 2 and one-third pounds. Baby’s skin would become wrinkled at this stage and look very round. The baby’s hair (lanugo) and eyes would be developed by now. The eyes would also open with clear formation of eyelids and eyebrows.

The baby would have a developed enzyme system, endocrinological process, the kick count would increase and most organs are well formed. Even the lungs are much developed and can be monitored by the doctor when you go for regular checkups. If you are one which tests positive for the Rh antibody, the doctor will administer an anti D injection at week 28 and at week 36.

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Advice for Pregnancy Week 28

If you are worried about your weight, talk to the doctor. They are most likely to recommend healthier types of foods or exercise like walking after meals or swimming a few times every week. Exercise makes you feel much better.

If you have any questions about appointments with the doctor or how the delivery will be done, this is the best time. Do not hesitate by thinking that your questions will sound silly.

Some women depend on pregnancy books for all the answers before seeking it elsewhere. These books can be informative but your doctor’s advice is surely advisable. You doctor is the only person who is dependable as he knows about your condition more than you.

The second trimester should be used well by new moms. Stock up your entire baby needs; nursery items or other stuff that come with baby shopping.

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