Pregnancy Week by Week Guide

During pregnancy trimester, each week is special and shows special development, so it is important to know pregnancy week by week development.

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Pregnancy lasts about 40 - 42 weeks, including from the first day of your last normal period. The weeks are divided into three trimesters. Know what's happening with you and your baby in these three trimesters.


Pregnancy First trimester

The 1st - 13th weeks of pregnancy comprises the first trimester. Here is a glance at first trimester of pregnancy in a week by week format. Each week includes a look at what is happening to you and to your baby.

Pregnancy Week 1: Now that your periods have just started, ovulation generally takes place around 14 days after the initiation of your cycle. Read More: Pregnancy Week 1

Pregnancy Week 2: By this time your eggs in of the ovaries is ready to be released. If there is a case of fraternal twins, two eggs can also be released. Read More: Pregnancy Week 2

Pregnancy Week 3: A woman ovulates at approximately three weeks after the first day of her last menstrual period. An egg is released from her ovaries and it moves down on one of the fallopian tubes towards the uterus. Read More: Pregnancy Week 3

Pregnancy Week 4: At this point most women have not felt any differently or have not noticed any changes in their body. The fertilized egg has now reached the uterus and after floating around for approximately 72 hours it finds a location and implants itself into the uterine lining. Read More: Pregnancy Week 4

Pregnancy Week 5: At this time, most women might start to doubt that they may be pregnant. The breasts feel enlarged and tender and the aerola appears darker and bigger. Read More: Pregnancy Week 5

Pregnancy Week 6: In pregnancy week 6 hormones start making you feel sick and nauseous mainly in the morning but can occur any time of the day and may persist throughout the day.  Read More: Pregnancy Week 6

Pregnancy Week 7: Pregnancy hormones may make a pregnant mum feel dizzy or faint. Breasts feel heavy and sore. A vaginal examination will be able to confirm the pregnancy. Read More: Pregnancy Week 7

Pregnancy Week 8: Vaginal discharge increases and this is completely normal provided it is not painful and is odourless. The baby’s internal organs are all present but need further development before they can function completely. Read More: Pregnancy Week 8

Pregnancy Week 9: Foetal development is most evident during ninth week of your pregnancy. What had hitherto been known as the embryo is now the foetus. Read More: Pregnancy Week 9

Pregnancy Week 10: The foetal development inside your uterus is rapid and your baby is developing into what he will look like! Likewise your body to will experience further changes. Read More: Pregnancy Week 10

Pregnancy Week 11: The changes in pregnancy happen on a week by week basis. By the time you are 5 weeks pregnant, you will become completely comfortable with the pregnancy. In some women the baby bump might even show! Read More: Pregnancy Week 11


Pregnancy Second trimester

During the second trimester of pregnancy - from Week 12 to Week 26 - you may feel better than you did at first trimester of pregnancy. Now's the time to enjoy your pregnancy!


Pregnancy Week 12: In pregnancy week by week - week 12 is your official entry into the second trimester. Week 12 is an important milestone both for your baby and you. Read More: Pregnancy Week 12

Pregnancy Week 13: By now you must have started showing your baby bump. Besides this, the chances of miscarriage are reduced to minimal by now. Read More: Pregnancy Week 13

Pregnancy Week 14: You must be feeling lighter than the first three months. Early symptoms of pregnancy are left far behind except for nausea in some of the cases. Read More: Pregnancy Week 14

Pregnancy Week 15: By the 15th week your pregnancy is clear to others as it no longer seems to be a just a weight gain. As the baby grows you will start feeling aches and pain but the morning sickness and fatigue will subside if not fully disappear. Read More: Pregnancy Week 15


Pregnancy Week 16: In this week of pregnancy, something called quickening starts to happen. It is referred to the baby's movement which occurs between 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Read More: Pregnancy Week 16


Pregnancy Week 17: By the Week 17 of pregnancy, you are by and large quite relaxed because of your body's adjustment to the hormonal and physical changes. Now onwards, each week or month will show different symptoms in you. Read More: Pregnancy Week 17


Pregnancy Week 18: Around pregnancy week 18, there will be a noticeable increase of appetite. This is because the baby will absorb all of your nutrients. This will continue throughout your remaining pregnancy and women can fall prey to the tendency of gaining weight. Read More: Pregnancy Week 18


Pregnancy Week 19: This period is considered by some to be the middle of pregnancy and you are most likely to have adjusted to the regularly changing physical and mental state. Read More: Pregnancy Week 19


Pregnancy Week 20: You are now right in the middle of your pregnancy. From this week onwards, the second part of your second semester starts and you feel that your baby is well on the way of coming into this world. Read More: Pregnancy Week 20


Pregnancy Week 21: At this stage of pregnancy you will find that you are feeling better than the first trimester. Enjoy and relax in this period as third trimester of pregnancy can bring in new symptoms. Read More: Pregnancy Week 21


Pregnancy Week 22: By the 22nd week of pregnancy you must have gained significant weight. Don't worry about the weight as it is for a good reason because the baby is growing at a steady pace. Read More: Pregnancy Week 22


Pregnancy Week 23: You must be excited for the fact that the baby will soon be with you! You may swell a little more in the coming weeks and show off your baby bump. Read More: Pregnancy Week 23


Pregnancy Week 24: As you enter 24th week of your pregnancy you also come closer to the end of second trimester. In the coming weeks you will gain more weight and the uterus will also get bigger. Read More: Pregnancy Week 24


Pregnancy Third trimester

The third trimester of pregnancy - from Week 25 to Week 42 - can be physically and emotionally challenging.


Pregnancy Week 25: For some, pregnancy week 25 signals the entry into the third trimester of pregnancy. Your baby bump has become more prominent and people may have started guessing whether you are going to have a baby girl or boy. Read More: Pregnancy Week 25


Pregnancy Week 26: By the 26th week of pregnancy you can feel the uterus about 2 to 1/2 inches above the belly. Read More: Pregnancy Week 26

Pregnancy Week 27: You can now enroll for prenatal and child birth classes provided by many hospitals. Read More: Pregnancy Week 27


Pregnancy Week 28: The weight gain will happen at an increased rate now and you will need to go to your doctor more frequently. Read More: Pregnancy Week 28


Pregnancy Week 29: In this stage of pregnancy, you are likely to add 19 to 25 pounds to your weight. If you have been following a diet and exercise routine, stick to it. Read More: Pregnancy Week 29


Pregnancy Week 30: These are exciting times for you as your pregnancy week by week development is in its 30th week. You are resting as much as possible and hoping that all goes well when the time for childbirth comes. Read More: Pregnancy Week 30


Pregnancy Week 31: Your appetite increases progressively as a consequence as your baby looks for more nutrients. Read More: Pregnancy Week 31


Pregnancy Week 32: Pregnancy week 32 means that you are just about a month away from giving birth to your unborn child! Read More: Pregnancy Week 32


Pregnancy Week 33: You have entered your last trimester and gained 25 to 30 pounds. Your baby would also start to gain weight to prepare for birth. Read More: Pregnancy Week 33


Pregnancy Week 34: Pregnancy Week 34 is the time when both mother and baby start to gain much more weight. It is one of the last stages of pregnancy week by week development and you are in anticipation of your labour. Read More: Pregnancy Week 34


Pregnancy Week 35: The changes in pregnancy happen on a week by week basis. And pregnancy week 11 means that you are Pregnancy week 35 is crucial for all to-be mothers and especially for first time mothers. Read More: Pregnancy Week 35


Pregnancy Week 36: By week 36 you must be feeling heavier and your size may be coming in way of your day to day work. Your baby can be born any time in the coming weeks. Read More: Pregnancy Week 36


Pregnancy Week 37: Since you are very close to delivery, you are naturally going to be occupied by the anxiety of labour along with amazing thoughts regarding your baby's arrival. Read More: Pregnancy Week 37


Pregnancy Week 38: Pregnancy week 38 is extremely crucial. It is highly probable that your baby might be born this week. However, there is nothing to worry if you are prepared. Read More: Pregnancy Week 38


Pregnancy Week 39: Babies who are born during this week are considered normal because all of their vital organs are fully functional and lungs have also reached maturity. Read More: Pregnancy Week 39


Pregnancy Week 40: You are 40 weeks pregnant. Congratulations! Your baby can be born anytime now. Although you might be worried because you are overdue but do not worry. Read More: Pregnancy Week 40


Pregnancy Week 41: In 41st week of pregnancy most women get worried (especially the first-time moms) as they have crossed their due date. Read More: Pregnancy Week 41


Pregnancy Week 42: You have seen many exciting days in your pregnancy week by week development and finally reached the last one. Other than 20% of them, women give births before week 40. The other 80% deliver after week 40 which is normal.

Read More: Pregnancy Week 42


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