Target Your Belly Fat With These Pilates Exercises

Pilates is an extremely effective exercise form to target belly fat and reduce your waist size. Check out the exercises in this article.

Written by: Vesna Jacob Updated at: 2021-07-03 09:03

Belly fat is one of the most common issues with the mass population. Every third person is dealing with weight gain followed by fat deposition at different parts of the body. While gaining is easier, losing fat is extremely challenging. There are numerous times of workouts that aim to reduce belly fat and Pilates too can be considered for the same along with strengthening the core body. However, there is nothing as such targeted weight loss. This is generally a byproduct of following a structured nutritional plan, good rest and an appropriate workout. However, we can tone the particular areas and we can focus on these areas. Thus, talking about targeted belly fat, you must try these five exercises mentioned in this article. Doing these regularly would make your stomach appear leaner and toned. Besides, you will be able to tone muscles and enhance the look of your body.


This is a great exercise because it works out the abdominal muscles to get active and stabilise.

  • Lie down on the mat.
  • Put your arms on the side of the body or you can gently support your body by placing your hands under the back.
  • Keep your legs and knees straight pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Heels should be joined and toes pointed and apart forming the shape 'V'.
  • This is the V stance.
  • Now, we are creating one and a half circles on each side.
  • This would give legs the shape of corkscrew.
  • The circles would be smaller so that your hips don't raise from the ground.

The Saw

  • Sit with your legs wide apart.
  • Stretch your hands and keep them parallel to the floor.
  • As you inhale, you are going to twist, turn and reach to the opposite arm following the opposite leg.
  • Exhale and return to the center position.
  • Now, repeat the same with the other side.
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Rolling Up and Rolling over

  • Sit straight and stretch your arms upward or over the head.
  • Inhale as you lengthen and come all the way from the lying position.
  • Lift yourself up slowly vertebrae by vertebrae and try to reach your toes with your arms.
  • Exhale and slowly come down on the ground as you are lowering your upper back.
  • Lift your legs above your head and try to touch the ground with your toes.


  • We are going to stretch the legs up to the ceiling.
  • Keep your arms over the head but lying on the ground.
  • Now, come all the way up so that the arms and legs are parallel.

This is quite a challenging exercise but it provides the best results in terms of belly fat reduction.

NOTE: If it is difficult for someone to perform, then you can bend your knees, keep the feet up the ground and just move your upper body.

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  • Lift your bottom-up and support your lower back with hands so that your entire weight is rested on the head and shoulders.
  • Now, move your legs back and forth counting twice on each movement.

This exercise is great in opening and strengthening the upper back while at the same time opening and working on your core muscles.

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