5 Natural Oils To Prevent Acne Breakouts On Face

Acnes on the face could cause a lot of trouble and pigmentation, here are some natural oils that could treat this condition. 

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-06-02 10:11

Most of the people still believe that using oils on their face could hamper their skin. Majority believes putting oil on face makes face look dull and some of them also say that it could make acnes grow on face. Well, if you ask me, both notions are wrong, because there are a number of natural oils that could help you get rid of the acnes from the skin. Let us move ahead of these pre-notions that oils cause face acnes and get to know about oils that could clear skin acnes. Yes, we have some effective and easy to use oils for you that could actually help you get rid of stubborn acnes and pimples on your skin.  

How does Oils clean skin acne? 

Since a lot of advertisements show “oil free” lotions, cream, serum, etc. We all have this image that oils could actually increase acnes. If you remember, when there were no serums, and limited number of creams or lotions, people actually made use of natural oils to have acne free skin and glow on their face. Some oils aid in controlling toxins in the skin cells and can unclog pores that are the main cause of acnes. Therefore, if you have acne prone skin, you should always look for noncomedogenic oils when adding to your routine.  

Oils to Clear Skin Acnes 

1. Jajoba Oil 

This oil is extracted from seeds of perennial shrub which is called Simmondsia plant. It is a quite beloved oil recently as many of its benefits are coming in front of the world. Since this is structurally similar to skin’s natural sebum, the oils are produced naturally. It makes your skin adapt to this oil in a wholesome manner which makes moisturizing skin easy. It prevents dryness and active components present in the oil mimic the body’s natural oils. This oil is made up of mostly fatty acids and wax easters. 

Jajoba oil is also great for triggering acnes and bacteria on the skin. It reduces the chances of acne breakout, thus reducing acnes on face. This happens because of high levels of iodine that becomes a repellent for microbes and prevents bacterial growth. 

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2. Rosehip Oil 

Rosehip seed oil is basically an oil which is made from two types of wild roses. The bright orange part inside flower has ingredients that could act as a natural moisturizer for your skin. It provides a great moisturizer that does not leave that dull texture on your face. Rosehip seed oil suits almost all skin types and could do wonders for dry, acne prone skin. This oil also has post anti-inflammatory hyperpigmentation properties that heals the acnes quickly. 

3. Hemp Seed Oil 

It has been quite famous lately. Hemp seed oil could actually provide zeitgeist-y ingredients. People often confuse hemp seed oil with hemp oil, which are two different things. Hemp seed oil is a cold pressed form of seeds of the plant that does not contain CBD. It has anti-inflammatory properties that calms down the skin and is high in linoleic acid which is good for acne suffers. It is a fast-absorbing oil that makes you face look light. 

4. Evening Primrose oil 

This is one oil you must try and believe me you will love it. The skin you often see in advertisements, you might actually feel like that after using this oil on your face. It has high levels of omega-6s that provides gamma-linolenic acid. Omega-6 fatty acid has significant anti-inflammatory properties that could provide your skin with great benefits. It improves your skin condition, prevents acne growth and relieves problems like eczema. 

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5. Tea Tree Oil 

This classic oil formula never gets old and has a lot of health benefits on your skin. It has been used long enough to prevent acne growth in the skin. Oils for skin acnes actually meant tea tree oil in the initial years when people were less aware about the other types of oil. Tea tree oil could have act as a natural acne remedy for the skin. One double-blind placebo-controlled study showed that even 5% of tea tree oil blend had positive effect on moderate and mild acne.  

This however should be applied by mixing a particular type of carrier oil. This reduces the irritation on the skin and could treat skin acnes on your face. We recommend you to use jojoba oil with it for multiple skin benefits and flawless skin.

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