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7 Natural Treatment Options For Jaundice In Newborn Babies

Jaundice is very common in newborn babies. Here are some natural treatment options that you can try to cure you newborn’s health.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Oct 25,2021
Updated at: Oct 25,2021

Newborn babies are very sensitive and are connected to a lot of problems in the initial few months because of the new environment they need to survive in. Among many diseases or health issues jaundice is one of the commonly occurring problem that newborns face. This is caused by poor functioning bladder and liver, it occurs more to premature babies than mature babies. Jaundice can be due to some infection, or because of problems in digestion, liver function, internal bleeding or having incompatibility with mother’s milk. Such small babies need to be given any treatment in a very careful manner; therefore natural treatments for jaundice in newborns are also precise and need to be given very carefully.

How to know your baby has jaundice?

Well, there are few symptoms that become evident to help determine that those symptoms could be because of jaundice. This can include the following-

  • Dark urination
  • Lethargy
  • Pale stools
  • Having trouble with feeding or sucking milk
  • Skin getting yellowish
  • Whites of eyes become little pale yellow

Natural Treatments for Jaundice in Newborns

1. Feeding your baby frequently

Jaundice is majorly caused because of dysfunction in the liver process. Breastfeeding your baby frequently can reduce the symptoms of jaundice. This is because it enhances the process of liver functions which result in blood cells to function more efficiently. Colostrums is actually very nutrient dense that aids in treating jaundice but at the same time it is not very easy to digest. It is better to feed the baby frequently or use formula in case baby is not able to take mother’s milk. This will help in flushing down excess of bilirubin from her system.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be given by many sources however, the best way to provide vitamin D to the baby is through natural sunlight. It cannot get any natural than this, when sunlight falls on the body of the baby, it helps in breaking down and decreasing the amount of bilirubin in the body. For this you need to take your baby out in the sunlight, remove his clothes and let him soak the sunlight for a while. Do not leave the baby in open sunlight for long as it might cause sunburn. 

Another source of vitamin D is breastfed milk. It contains almost 6400 IU of vitamin D which boosts health of the baby to a great extent and reduces symptoms. Providing baby with sufficient mother’s milk from time to time can improve the condition of jaundice naturally.

3. Probiotics

According to different studies that have been done on benefits of probiotic foods, it is found that probiotic are actually one of the safest foods to give to new born babies. Yogurt and other few probiotic food that are easy to digest help to improve the symptoms of jaundice and cure health problems. In newborns, jaundice can be particularly efficient as it decreases bilirubin levels to a significant amount that almost treats jaundice. There probiotic food also helps to gain immunity against other bacterial infections and keeps the baby safe.

4. Magnesium

Well magnesium has also been an effective natural treatment that is useful for curing jaundice in newborns. According to study by Natural Health Research Institute, giving magnesium to kids for around 6 weeks showed reduction in accumulation of excess bilirubin in the blood cells. You can add few magnesium rich foods to actually prevent health issues in babies. However, keep in mind to consult a paediatrician in this case and do not give more than 250mg of dosage per day to the baby. Since jaundice is so common in newborns, magnesium can also be given to pregnant or breastfeeding moms to prevent jaundice from occurring.

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5. Barley Seed Flour

Here is another natural remedy that can be well included in the diet to reduce symptoms of jaundice. Barley seed flour has great amount of antioxidants that improve the liver function and bin levels in the body. It also decreases bilirubin levels and boost function in newborn’s health. Barley seed flour needs to be put on the baby’s skin along with light exposure which creates a very effective tool to cure jaundice issue.

6. Give body massage to baby

Body massage by essential soothing oils can be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of jaundice in new born babies. This is because massage helps to improve bowel movement in babies that improve the condition of jaundice. Massage the baby gently every morning can aid in reducing enter-hepatic circulation in the baby’s body. 

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7. Give some supplements

Since we know that baby’s body is not as efficient as adults, hence it may sometime need additional support by vitamins or formula to help aid in treating condition of jaundice. Babies who have jaundice may not be able to compliment with breast milk, in which formula and some supplements can be given. However these supplements should be free from any chemicals that could affect growth or function of the baby. You may consult a paediatrician before giving any supplements to the baby. This can prevent the baby from dehydration and less bowel movement in newborn. It also leads to decreased bilirubin levels and eventually treats the condition of jaundice.

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