Natural health supplements to build muscle and gain weight

Do you know what natural supplements can help you to gain weight. See what diet you should include for weight gain during workout. These common diets can become a powerful weight gain supplements for you.

Written by: Himanshu Sharma Updated at: 2017-10-25 06:25

Weight gain supplements such as pills, shakes and other products make unrealistic promises to consumers looking to gain weight. Natural weight gain supplements give you an edge towards your weight-loss goal, without inflicting harm to your health.

There are many weight-gain supplements that are available in the market, not all are completely safe. Enlisted are some effective natural options that will help you put on weight safely.

Whey protein

Whey proteins have most of the sugars and fats that are needed for weight gain; it is also a fast-digesting protein. Rather than relying on a weight-gainer formula, you may take whey protein mixed in water 2 to 3 times per day. Whey also provides substantial protein serving to back muscle building, especially for those with slow metabolism. These supplements or whey shakes can be used as a meal replacement or as a snack between meals. 

Fish oil

Fish oil supplements encompass fat and are calorie-dense nutrients. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that fat contained in fish oil supplements which is omega-3 fatty acids, can promote increased muscle protein synthesis driving the growth of muscle mass. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a supplement which is known to enhance your overall health, but can also aid in massive weight gain. A research published in the Hormone and Metabolic Research suggests that increased vitamin D intake improves testosterone hormone levels, which is a powerful muscle-building hormone. Moreover, vitamin D helps the body in calcium absorption, which can promote increased bone mass and strength. 

Royal jelly

A nutrient-rich, calorie-dense liquid ‘royal jelly’ can be helpful for massive weight gain. A study published in the Animal Reproduction Science suggests that royal jelly could significantly increase testosterone levels. 

Protein-based Foods as supplements

Protein is essential to build muscle. To gain weight, you need to consume more protein. Milk is an excellent source, or a supplement, which can easily be consumed in between meals. Among other excellent sources of protein are beef, fish, chicken, eggs and pork. Eat modest portions of these in between meals. 

The bottom line

When looking for natural weight gain supplements, make sure you pick those that contain iron, vitamin D and calcium, in order to meet the body's nutritional needs. Also, ascertain that it is not high in saturated fat since this type of fat may put a person’s health at risk. Be it a diet or supplements for weight gain, you should always consider your health first. 

One can get the results without supplements, but the process is slower. If you include supplements in your weight–loss program, you also have to sync them with lifestyle and eating pattern. Moreover, relying on supplements won’t help you increase weight. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good nutritional choices are key to weight gain, don’t sideline them.

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