National Digital Health Mission: How Will It Encourage & Empower The Differently-Abled? Explains Dr Sahoo

Enable, Encourage and Empower the differently-abled through a digital health infrastructure.

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-09-11 17:32

The whole world has become thoroughly more advanced to sudden changes brought in by the novel coronavirus which has hit us by a storm, adding more changes to the global infrastructure not just in technology, science, pharmacy, or any other forte. What is more surprising? How are we coping with this change? For over the years, there have been massive efforts made to bring in the whole health infrastructure on the online platform and the rise in coronavirus cases across the globe has given economies to strengthen their health infrastructure. 

National Digital Health Mission And Differently-Abled

  • Even though there have been enormous efforts in getting the health infrastructure in place, for years together, the differently-abled have faced considerable challenges about acquiring seamless health-related facilities. With an approach of social inclusiveness for the differently-abled, the National Digital Health Mission would offer health infrastructure to Enable and Empower the differently-abled to be provided with the desired healthcare facilities. The mission has been designed to offer 1 platform to all citizens calling for no discrimination and incorporating social inclusivity through health IDs.
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  • Dr Manas Ranjan Sahoo at Narayan Seva Sansthan said, " The National Digital Health Mission has revamped the healthcare ecosystem by bringing all health records under on one platform. The National Digital Health mission would change the whole patient and physician relationship where all health records of patients would be accessible at one click. The webinars, of course, would not be able to give the exact result as it would take time for both the parties to get accustomed to. However, this initiative is truly beneficial for the future of maintaining health records."

  • The implementation of the NDHM (National Digital Health Mission) would bring in a gamut of positive aspects for the differently-abled candidates; this would include offering affordable biological treatments and products. It would also help in encouraging up the innovative technologies through domestic production of these needed to treat the differently-abled. The National Digital Health Mission would help in bringing the whole healthcare industry come together would seamlessly Enable and Empower the differently-abled to seek and be provided with the desired healthcare facilities. This will create a stir for budding domestic businesses or entrepreneurial start-ups to working closer to offer the quality, and affordable healthcare products and services that would be beneficial for the differently-abled.

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What is the National Digital Health Mission?

The NDHM has a core objective of creating a robust database by incorporating inclusive health infrastructure which would observe creating health cards for providing seamless health services to every single citizen living in the country. This would assist as a great initiative to develop e-records and record details of such differently-abled citizens. What is more important? They have an excellent health report at hand that would serve the needs of these organisations while recruiting these candidates.

Conclusion: The recently launched National Digital Health Mission would offer e-records of these differently-abled candidates giving the government a chance to create plans on treatments to be given to these candidates and making them ideal and suitable for the mainstream environment. While large organisations are willingly recruiting them differently-abled as various skill-based programs have been offered to make these differently-abled candidates job-ready.

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