5 Myths About Cosmetic Surgery Busted By Plastic Surgeon

It is a myth that cosmetic surgeries are highly expensive and only celebrities get it done. Read more cosmetic surgery myths in this article.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2021-10-04 12:17

Most individuals have a desire to look and feel good. Looking good can help a person to feel confident as well. Appearance has a huge part to play in an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem level. Hence it is important for a person to feel beautiful in order to enhance one’s confidence level. We always tend to have negative associations with cosmetic surgeries. Even celebrities don’t come out openly about their plastic surgeries, it has changed a lot over time, but still, cosmetic surgeries are considered taboo. Celebrities, influencers or others who have undergone cosmetic treatments rarely come forward openly about their surgeries. In this article, Dr Ankit Jain, Mch Plastic Surgery, Chief Consultant Plastic Surgeon at SkinZest busts some myths surround cosmetic surgeries.

Myths and Facts about Cosmetic Surgery

Since very few people openly talked about cosmetic surgeries, the public knows very little about the realities of it. There is a lot of information out there on the internet, but not all of it is accurate. Here I will be busting some myths about cosmetic surgeries.

1. Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are same

If you thought cosmetic and plastic surgery are the same you’re not alone! Most people reading this might also be wondering what is the difference between the two. Plastic surgery is a vast domain under which cosmetic surgery comes. Cosmetic surgeries deal with reshaping or enhancing an individual's physical features. It focuses on enhancing the patient's appearance as per their demands. It’s sole purpose is to make an individual look better. On the other hand, plastic surgery is conducted to reconstruct facial or bodily defects due to accident, disease, birth disorders etc. It is generally done to achieve normal functions of body parts. 

2. Cosmetic surgeries give you an artificial look

"Yes, it is true cosmetic surgeries are conducted to enhance your features. But I personally believe that it should only be to look like the best versions of yourself", says Dr Ankit Jain, Mch plastic surgery, chief consultant plastic surgeon at SkinZest.

Taking care of ourselves and looking our best can help us deliver better results in whatever we do. If there are any parts of your body that you feel needs a little change or you love some part of your body and you want to elevate it, even more, then cosmetic surgery is the best way to go. Women undergo a lot of changes in their body postpartum. Even after putting in all the efforts, towards a good diet and exercise, we see a lot of them are left with loose or excess skin, stretch marks which won’t go away with exercise/ diet. World over tummy tuck/mommy makeovers is regularly opted by women to feel like they belong back in their bodies post-delivery.

Women’s breasts tend to sag especially post-delivery. On the other hand, we see many patients coming to us with very heavy breasts which cause them back pain and other issues. Breast lift and breast reduction surgeries can help them regain their lost confidence. Some men on the other hand have male boobs, which cannot be treated non surgically. Gynaecomastia surgery can give the desired reduction of the male breast tissue and is completely safe as long as it is a well qualified and experienced plastic surgeon handling your case. After all, it is you who need to acknowledge and appreciate yourself. So, if there is something you want to change or enhance, there is no shame in it. Cosmetic surgeries can only enhance your already beautiful self.

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3. It is only for celebrities and the wealthy

Fashion, film and beauty personalities are only popular and known to have undergone cosmetic surgeries. But it is not really restricted to those industries. Anyone who wants cosmetic surgery can do it cost-effective nowadays. Especially treatments like botox or lip injections have become cost-effective with more and more people accessing them. There are numerous clinics with expert doctors who provide cosmetic treatments but make sure to do your research about the doctor before you consult them.

4. Only women want cosmetic treatment

It is a very common stereotype that women are only into fashion and beauty, while the perception has changed over time, we still tend to attach cosmetic enhancements with women. But there are men as well who aspire to look good and want to undergo such treatments, and there is no gender disparity for cosmetic surgeries.

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5. The only purpose of cosmetic surgery is to reverse ageing

If not all, there are a lot of people who associate cosmetic surgery with something that is done only to hide wrinkles and slow down ageing. With age, a lot of people - both men & women, are stuck with droopy or tired eyelids. Blepharoplasty is an optimal solution for them which can give them great results with minimal discomfort and downtime.

While cosmetic surgeries can help in that department, there are many other functions to it as well. Many opt to do cosmetic surgery to look better and feel good rather than feeling younger. Cosmetic surgery is open for anyone who wants to enhance their features.

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