5 Myths Around C-Section Busted By Gynaecologist

If you are exploring baby delivery options, read these myths and facts about c-section delivery before making a choice.

Written by: Chanchal Sengar Updated at: 2022-05-06 09:51

Although it is ideal to have a traditional vaginal birth,sometimes the doctors will have no choice but to perform a C-Section. Pregnant women get tons of advice from friends and relatives on preparing for birth and what the experience of a c-section will be like. However, the numerous myths about c-sections can make expecting mothers more anxious and nervous. So we must bust these myths and find out the real reasons and facts behind a caesarean surgery from Dr. Astha Jain Mathur, Consultant - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Indore.

Busting Common Myths About C-Section Delivery

Pregnant women get very confused when it comes to choosing the method of delivery. The two most popular birthing methods in India are vaginal birth and c-section. While vaginal birth is natural, c-section is surgical and therefore, both of these are poles apart. Every expecting mother must read this article to analyse better and make the right choice for herself.

MYTH 1- C-section is an easy alternative to vaginal birth

Fact: Some people feel that a c-section is an easy way out for women scared of vaginal birth. But this statement is far from the truth. is cesarean section painful? This is one common question as there is a misconception that c-section is painless as compared to vaginal birth.

According to Dr. Astha, no matter the delivery method, a baby is still bigger than an incision made in the abdomen or uterus, and the woman is likely to feel pain once the anaesthesia and medications start to wear off. A c-section is a major surgery that has many risks associated with it. Moreover, it also has an extended recovery period than vaginal birth. 

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MYTH 2- Mothers won't feel a connection with their baby post a c-section birth

Fact: There is a myth that women won't be able to have skin-to-skin contact with the baby while undergoing C-section, which is untrue. Doctors say that it is entirely normal for mothers to hold their babies for support and bond with them while the C-section occurs. This can help them feel happy and empowered. Furthermore, the connection between a mother and their baby does not depend on which body part the baby was delivered from. It is important to remember that the feeling of hugging your baby for the first time will forever remain the most memorable moment of your life.

Myth 3- Doctors want women to undergo C-Section to make more money

FACT-Another common myth surrounding C-sections is that doctors forced women to have the surgical procedure as they earn an additional incentive for it. This is false, and instead, doctors try their best to achieve vaginal childbirth and prevent any severe after-effects on women. However, certain medical conditions and birth complications during labour leaves the gynaecologists with no choice but to perform the caesarean surgery. So contrary to the myth, doctors only perform c-sections to protect the lives of the mother and the baby without any selfish reasons or motives.

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Myth 4- It is safe to have multiple C-Sections

Fact:  Well, since cesarean is a surgical procedure done through incisions, there is always multiple c section risk. Each repeat C-Section has the potential be to more complicated than the last. Multiple C-Sections can also lead to risks such as placenta accreta. Placenta accreta is a severe medical condition in which the placenta starts to grow near C-Section cuts, which could further create the need for hysterectomy.

Myth 5- There is no possibility of vaginal birth after C-Section childbirth.

Fact: Although vaginal birth after a c-section has potential health risks, it is possible. Women should meet specific health and fitness criteria to give vaginal birth post a c-section. A normal delivery is possible if all the conditions are favourable without any birth complications. Your doctor will be able to guide you to make a decision and have a healthy delivery.


Becoming informed about c-sections can help you get over the stress and anxiety of having the surgery. Busting all the myths above is essential to help women make an enlightened decision and ensure a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Talking to your OB-GYN can also help you stay educated about the C-section before deciding.

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