Measles Vs Rubella: What Is The Difference Between These Viral Diseases

Measles and rubella both are caused because of same virus, know the difference between both the viral conditions.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-03-15 17:13

There are several diseases that can occur because of viral infections. Viral diseases can be extremely contagious and sometimes lead to number of complications. Measles can be very tricky and thus you need to take utmost precautions against it. OnlyMyHealth wants to raise awareness about measles and rubella virus that are very similar conditions that occur mostly to children. Hence to sort the confusion between measles and rubella, you need to understand the difference between both the viral conditions. For this we took help of an expert on the occasion of Measles Immunization Day that is on 16th March to create understanding about this problem. 

Measles or Rubella 

Measles virus is extremely contagious disease that is caused because of RNA viruses. Paramyxoviruses can actually survive in the air for around 2 hours and it may last on the surface of the body for around 10 days. Rubella is also caused because of same virus but the condition and symptoms differ a bit from it. Rubella causes more of breathing problems and cough whereas measles has darker patches that results to cough and sneezes. The droplets of the virus are contagious and spreads from children to the adults. Pregnant women tend to have measles more often than having rubella virus. However, both conditions can be prevented by the help of MMR vaccine. 

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Symptoms of Measles 

Measles can cause the following symptoms that can determine it from rubella. Some of the symptoms might be common with rubella such as cough and sneezing. Have a look at this condition in detail. 

  • Conjunctivitis 
  • Persistent cough 
  • Inflammation of the external membrane of the eyes 
  • Red eyes or watery eyes 
  • Physical sensitivity to sunlight 
  • Rashes that contain mucus 
  • Reddish bumps called maculopapular rash 
  • Severe bruises near the rashes 
  • Koplik spot that appears in the mouth before getting rashes 
  • Fever that is more than 40-degree Celsius 

Effect of Measles 

Measles usually lasts for 10 days or even more in some cases. People are usually vaccinated for this disease in their childhood so they do not get this disease often. However there have been major outbreaks of measles across the country previously that could hamper the measles situation. RNA virus is highly contagious and the person is exposed to measles through droplets that come from cough or sneezing of infected person.


How Does Rubella effect your health? 

Rubella is a virus that also contains RNA and has nucleic acid. Measles infection can cause serious breathing secretions, cough, sneezing and other problems. A person who is infected of rubella may have been in contact with the infected person around 10 days prior to getting evident symptoms. Rubella can also cause illness without any symptoms; it results to rashes that are usually lighter in shade and does not contain mucus evidently. It takes around 2-3 weeks for this disease to incubate.

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Symptoms of Rubella virus 

1. This virus is usually accompanied by a lower temperature or fever in the babies. It is accompanied by some discomfort, conjunctivitis and swollen lymph nodes. Rubella may also cause joint pain in adults getting this disease 

2. You may have pain in the throat, the back of the throat may become reddish in color. There will also be some painful, swollen lymph in the neck. 

3. It seems to have negligible symptoms and usually children or people get rashes after a few days of infection. Fever may also not be very prominent.

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