How To Get A Sharper Thin Nose? Check Out These Make-up Tips That For Help

Everyone wants to have sharper look on their face, here are some make-up tips that make your nose look thinner and sharper.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2022-05-17 15:45

Every time you go out somewhere, you need to look your best, isn’t it? We all have this general perception of looking good that involves sharp looks, good assets, etc. Especially you focus more towards your face and try different types of make-up to look good. You can contour your nose by make up in a way that it could look thinner and sharper. Just a few swipes by make-up brush and you look magical. Enhancing beauty of your face becomes important when you want to leave a mark. It is not possible, nor recommended to use surgical methods to change your face structure into something different and ideal. Today we will look at ways that could make your nose look sharp and face more awakening.  

How to Make Your Nose Look Thinner Like a Pro? 

The key to making your nose look sharper and thinner is to pick the right shades. Use of appropriate make up tools and blending in a way that nothing is too evident. You can do this naturally by just bringing up your best tool to the table. Ready for some make-over? Try these methods and give it a shot. 

1. Prep your Face 

First thing you need to keep in mind is to start with a strong base. The basic rule to think about your face as a fresh canvas. It needs to be prepped beforehand in order to make it look good. You need to carry on with a fresh make-up. You can follow these steps in order to prepare a good base on your face to make nose look sharper. 

  • Use a good moisturizer to cleanse your face 
  • Then apply a primer to ensure smooth and flawless skin, this also allows you to stay put all day. 
  • Avoid any pollutants when you apply this in order to prevent discoloration of skin or nose 

Face primer is available for every type of skin. You need to look for breathable formula that helps to hydrate your skin and focus more towards hydrating glow. If you are having a matte primer, then you got to control any excess sheen.  

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2. Pick your Contour 

To make your nose look sharper and thinner, it is important that you take a cream contour that is relatively 2 shades darker than your skin tone. This will enhance your nose and then you can put a concealer to modify other parts of your face other than nose. Using a thin brush, paint a line on both sides of the nose. The closer lines are to each other, the more well defined your nose will look. Once you are happy with your work, then try to blend harsh lines out so that it does not look awkward. 


3. Finish Off with a Highlighter 

Once you have finished blending, give a touch of any luminous lighter to add that dimension to your face the allows your nose to look bolder. Using the highlighter, draw a line the directly reaches down the center of the nose. Dab the highlighter on the tip of the nose and then blend it out using a fingertip. Achieve what you have been waiting for, blend the shade with your skin and let your nose shine ahead.  

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4. Set your Makeup 

Setting the makeup is the last step that allows to keep everything in place. Sweep the highlighter over the nose a bit and then to rest of the face. One swipe of it could add a soft focus towards the nose and make it look sharper and thinner. Another option is to apply a long-lasting make-up extender to keep the make-up from flowing away. Also go for lighter lip shades so that attention goes up to the nose. Bronze highlighter is best to make your nose look thinner.

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