What is Low-Purine Diet? Know Which Foods To Add and Avoid

Low-Purine foods can be highly beneficial for your health. Know which type of food to have in this diet here.

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jan 25,2022
Updated at: Jan 25,2022

There are various types of diet that are used for resolving different purposes. Some of them are for weight loss, weight gain, heart health; solve UTI issues, kidney disorders and so on. Diets are made according to the goal and achievement of the person. Also different diets can be taken according to the need and effect on health of the body. Low-calorie diet can be taken for longer duration whereas Low-purine diet is taken for a specific period to meet the need of the person. Let us look at the diet, benefits and food that are taken in Low-purine diet.

What is Low-Purine Diet?

We spoke to Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist and Consultant from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to know about low purine-diet and its benefits. She told us that low purine foods are often used when a person is having problems in his kidney and gout. Purine foods involve increase in the production of uric acid that creates problem in digestion. High purine foods do not break down easily and hence should be avoided for regular usage. Low-purine diet is beneficial for those suffering from kidney diseases, kidney stones, gout or similar disorders. 

Benefits of Low-purine Diet

Purines are basically organic compounds that are not harmful as such but it could be problematic if consumed in excessive quantity. Most of the purines break down into waste substance called uric acid which dissolves in the blood in the kidneys. This is later removed from the kidney; however the process of breakdown of purine foods and filtration process puts pressure on the kidney. As a result of this, person suffering through gout or kidney diseases can get serious complications.  Hence it is advised not to have high-purine foods for such patients. 

Low-purine diet reduces the risk of kidney disorder, kidney failure, gout disorders and related problems. It also helps to reduce the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections in the body. This diet is efficient for many people suffering from diabetes, renal failure and gout patients as well. By reducing the amount of purine in your diet, you can improve your health significantly by reducing uric acid in the blood.

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Foods to Avoid in Low-Purine Diet

Here are some foods that you must avoid in order to restrict yourself to low-purine diet. 

  • Red meat
  • Seafood including tuna, mussels, herring, codfish, scallops, trout and haddock
  • Avoid eating sweetbreads from the meat that have liver, kidney, thymus glands, etc. 

It also contains some food that need to be avoided maximum times to encourage low purine diet and have a positive effect on health of the person. There foods include-

High fat foods- fats hold a majority of uric acid in them which may be harmful for your kidneys. Therefore you should avoid full-fat dairy foods, rich deserts and other high fat items. 

Alcohol Beverages- Beverages that contain alcohol are extremely harmful for your body, especially when they have high levels of uric acid. Beer and whisky have high amount of urines and should be totally avoided by a person suffering through kidney problems. It also hampers the ability of the body to get rid of uric acid.

Sweetened Beverages- fruit juices, sodas and sweetened beverages which we have in our regular schedule also need to avoid in order to establish healthy routine. These foods also have high uric acid and can put the health of the person at risk especially in cases with gout. 

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Foods to Add in Low-Purine Diet

Here are some foods that are low in purine and have minimal uric acid that does not harm your health. These foods consist of the following-

1. Water- you need to add more water to your daily routine and diet. Most of the kidney disorders, stones and problems can be eased by increasing consumption of water in the body. It helps to remove uric acid from blood stream.

2. Low-fat dairy- Choose low fat dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and frozen yogurt. This can help you through you gout problems and kidney functions. 

3. Grains and starch- this consists of foods such as breads, pasta, rice and potatoes more often in your diet. This can reduce the risk of kidney stones and is easy for digestion.

4. Fruits and Vegetables- They are very important for any meal and diet plan. Having right amount of fruits and vegetables can help to gain natural sugar and minerals that could create balance in the body and get digested easily.

5. Vitamin C- Have good sources of vitamin C from fruits such as grapes, oranges, pineapples, strawberries and bell pepper, etc to increase metabolism and improve digestion.

6. Lean proteins- Proteins are important for the body to grow and develop. Since some foods are avoided because of having purine in it, you can have poultry and fish in moderation to fulfil the demand of lean proteins in the body. Eggs can also be had in moderation.

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