Love Wearing Make-up? Here Are Some Side-Effects You Must Know Before Wearing Make-Up

Make-up can be harmful for the skin if not used in the correct manner. Know what side affects you can have because of wearing extensive make-up

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2021-04-04 10:00

Passing on judgements based on a person’s appearance is very common. Everyone wants to look good and there is nothing wrong about it. But making yourself look good for people to avoid their judgement or have positive appearance makes the situation complex. More than often having dull skin colour, not having sharp looks becomes a symbol of untidy or poor personality. It becomes a status symbol for looking beautiful. Hence most of the people to avoid being judged and out laughed by society hide themselves under the makeup. This race of looking best and most attractive never ends but this can definitely cause some skin problems. 

Is Wearing Make-Up Bad For Your Skin? 

Even the daily make-up products that you use can cause skin problems because there is barrier between your skin and the environment. Air and oxygen is unable to pass through the layer of makeup thus causing the pathogens to enter your skin. Mostly women are more prone to skin infections as they use more beauty products than what men use. Acnes are very common examples of that. The skin pores are blocked which result in various problems. There are also some chemicals present in the make-up which may cause another set of problems says Dr K Swaroop, Dermatologist serving in BHEL Hospital, Haridwar.  

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Side-Effects of Wearing Make-up 

1# Pores Get Blocked- Using make-up products on a regular basis and leaving it for long hours can block the pores of our skin. Therefore, the skin in unable to breathe properly which results in acne formation and bumps. This is called clogging of pores.  

2# Untimely Aging- The skin when comes in contact with direct sunlight after applying make-up can result in wrinkles. Protecting the skin from sun damage is very important. Premature aging signs can be visible to those who have tendency to put on make-up and go out. This can also happen if the person does not wash out the make-up before sleeping. Sleeping with make-up can also cause wrinkles.  

3# Breakouts- Breakouts occur due to hormonal imbalance, there are certain medications, improper diet and other situations which can result in hormonal imbalance. Usage of make-up in this time can trigger more breakouts. Those whose skin is prone to acnes should not use make-up regularly. Applying less makeup can help improve the health of your skin and reduce the blackheads. 

4# Allergic Reactions- Ingredients inside the make-up products vary from company to company. Some may suit your skin others may not. Hence it is always risky to switch brands in case of skin care. Also there are harmful chemicals present in the products which make the allergies worse. This makes the skin itchy and uncomfortable.  

5# Colour Changes- Wearing make-up time and again can cause severe harm to the skin. Sleeping with make-up on can damage your skin in such a way that the natural colour of your skin may change. Pollution, sunlight and free radicals weaken the skin together.  

6# Eye Infections- Make-up is used on the whole face including your eyes and eyelid. Eyes are very sensitive towards any other foreign particle. Since the make-products have types of chemicals in them, if they go inside the eyes, then there are good chances that you may get eye infection.  

7# Cancer- Well yes, your make-up can even lead to cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. However, there is not many chances of having cancer through applying make-up since most of the good make-up products are made skin friendly, but ingredients can somewhere harm the skin and form a type of skin cancer if not taken care off. 

When to Avoid Putting Make-up? 

Two things should be taken care off if you are putting make-up. One is that you should check the expiry date of the product you are using because the chemicals may have an adverse effect on skin after expiry. Also expired make-up can promote bacterial growth which can cause skin infections. 

The other one is during work-out. Wearing make-up during workout sessions your glands and pores open, it you wear make-up there are heavy chances that clogs are formed which can cause blackheads, wrinkles, irritation and acnes. Therefore, it not recommended to put on make-up during workout or intensive activities.  

Some Useful Tips to Prevent Side-effects of Make-up 

  • Buy the product which is suitable for your skin 
  • Moisturize your skin regularly. 
  • Apply Sunscreen whenever you are going out to prevent burns. 
  • Clean the brushes after applying make-up. 
  • Clean the make-up before going to bed. 
  • Do not share your make-up with anyone else. 

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Make-up may make you look beautiful in society, but it does not reveal your identity or personality. People use make-up extensively these days to look better than ever before and hence end up having skin problems. There are many disadvantages and side-effects of wearing make-up. Therefore, before carrying it, do know about the tips and problems which can occur due to wearing make-up incorrectly.  

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